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Nominate Your Chief Digital Officer 100, 2022, Now

Chief Digital Officer Chief Digital Officer

HotTopics.ht and HPE are inviting nominations for the top 100 Chief Digital Officer role. Nominate your leader today.

The Chief Digital Officer 100 2022 is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and showcase this specific role within the ever-evolving technology function. In partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HotTopics.ht is opening nominations for this prestigious list from all over the world. We encourage our HotTopics.ht communities of leaders, followers and wider audiences to nominate your Chief Digital Officer, or similar, so they can be recognized for their efforts in bringing business acumen, digital innovation and sound leadership to their teams and organizations.

Last decade, few roles attracted as much attention as that of the Chief Digital Officer. 

The position was directed to bring about the transformative change mooted as the next competitive differentiator. They were charged with coordinating and managing comprehensive changes that address everything from updating how a company works to building out entirely new businesses. And they were required to work at speed. That role has evolved in tandem with two trends: the increasing digitalization of the industry, rendering even basic transformations not good enough, and a global pandemic, which has upended almost every business norm thought sacrosanct. 

Given these demands, it’s not surprising that the number of people in CDO roles doubled for at least two or three years over the last ten. But who are the Chief Digital Officers who have evolved with these dynamics, and stood the test of time? The Chief Digital Officer 100 2022 is one way of uncovering at least 100 of the most successful.

We’re calling for nominations for your Chief Digital Officer, whom you believe is worthy of this award. Please read the criteria below before submitting your nomination:


  • Currently a Chief Digital Officer, or similar, leading the digital function with a national, international or global team.
  • Demonstrated executive leadership, combining business acumen with innovative strategies in creative or unique ways.
  • Known thought leader and/or public speaker, showcasing the value of digital capabilities to a wider audience.
  • Collaborating with different departments to enable the digital experience across the organization, its networks, and services and products.
  • Encouraging digital innovation to further positive impact solutions, sustainable practices and a more inclusive working environment.

Our Judges—to be announced—will receive your nominations once the deadline has passed, midnight on the 19th January. There, they’ll sort those into the final 100 before we collectively announce the winners soon after. Keep a close eye on our website and social media channels for upcoming announcements.

As successive events—the digital age, the pandemic, work from home—scrambles the traditional organizational structure, Chief Digital Officers are in a powerful position to foster a digital trajectory but also help it evolve. It’s a role more than worth celebrating.


Please read the criteria carefully and fill in the form to nominate your Chief Digital Officer.