The Data Strategy Divide

The Data Strategy Divide: Balancing Ethics, Efficiency and Transformation


Join these technology leaders in a thought-provoking panel discussion as they delve into the challenges and priorities of building effective data strategies.


In light of the explosion of AI capabilities, chatter and caricatures, many technology leaders have been fielding questions from CEOs and the Board as to their stances. It is an exciting time for technologists. Yet a rude awakening still waits for some businesses: without a sound data strategy or practice, new AI solutions will not work effectively, or at all. In other words, the basics still need to be complete. 


In this highly topical In The Hot Seat panel discussion, these technology leaders first looked at their own experiences building out data strategies and compared what to prioritise, how and when. It is true that different sectors require slightly nuanced approaches; regulatory bodies and customer expectations both shape data policy and privacy. This sometimes runs counter to a transformation programme, however, which helps explain the title. 


Is there a divide between ethics, efficiency and transformation when it comes to data strategies?


In this at least there was disagreement. Buttressed between the objectivity of profitability from transformation and subjective ethical, moral principles, data leaders can often feel pulled in different directions. No-one benefits from this divide, least of all the business. 

Technology leader insights from:

  • Lee Fulmer, Chairman, Strategic Transformation Board, Bank of England
  • Claire Deuchar, CIO, RNLI
  • Caroline Carruthers, Chief Executive, Data Expert and the UK’s “first Chief Data Officer”
  • Nafy Diagne,  Chief Digital and Customer Experience Officer, Free au Senegal


Watch highlights: The Data Strategy Divide

Watch the panel discussion to understand this divide and what to do to bridge it.



This roundtable was recorded at The Studio. To find out more, click ‘The Studio’.


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