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Connecting technology and marketing leaders


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Welcome to the HotTopics global meetups


Connecting technology and marketing leaders for collaborative innovation

Are you a C-suite executive in the technology or B2B marketing industry looking to foster deep connections and stay ahead of top market trends? Look no further! Our virtual meetups bring together industry leaders from across the globe to create a powerful community dedicated to collaborative innovation.

Marketing and Technology Meetups

Why attend the HotTopics meetups?


  • Exclusive networking: Each meetup attracts high-profile professionals from either the technology or B2B marketing industry, providing an unparalleled opportunity to expand your network and connect with like-minded peers.
  • Deep-Dive discussions: Engage in thought-provoking discussions with your peers during breakout rooms, where you'll gain unique insights and later contribute to broader conversations with the larger group. 
  • Stay ahead: In rapidly evolving industries, staying ahead is crucial. Our meetups feature thought leaders sharing valuable knowledge, ensuring you stay at the forefront of your respective fields.
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Upcoming meetups

Sorry, there are currently no filtered items to show
CIO | CISO | CDataO | CDigitalO | All C-Suite

Accelerate AI by Protecting Your Crown Jewels

Vector (4)Vector-1 Tower of London

Vector (3)Vector-2 18 Mar 2024

CIO | CISO | CDataO | CDigitalO | All C-Suite

Nurturing Talent for Technological Excellence

Vector (4)Vector-1 Virtual technology meetup

Vector (3)Vector-2 27 Mar 2024

CMO | All C-Suite

Meet-Up: Building a Plural Portfolio Career (as a CMO)

Vector (4)Vector-1 Virtual marketing meetup

Vector (3)Vector-2 17 Apr 2024

CIO | CISO | CDataO | CDigitalO | All C-Suite

Mastering Cost Management in the Digital Era

Vector (4)Vector-1 Virtual technology meetup

Vector (3)Vector-2 27 Jun 2024

CMO | All C-Suite

Meet-Up: Marketing Leaders, July

Vector (4)Vector-1 Virtual marketing meetup

Vector (3)Vector-2 25 Jul 2024

CIO | CISO | CDataO | CDigitalO | All C-Suite

Navigating Geopolitics in the Technological Sphere

Vector (4)Vector-1 Virtual technology meetup

Vector (3)Vector-2 26 Sep 2024

CMO | All C-Suite

Meet-Up: Marketing Leaders, November

Vector (4)Vector-1 Virtual marketing meetup

Vector (3)Vector-2 27 Nov 2024

CIO | CISO | CDataO | CDigitalO | All C-Suite

Meet-Up: Technology Leaders, November

Vector (4)Vector-1 Virtual technology meetup

Vector (3)Vector-2 28 Nov 2024

Meet the Moderators

Peter Stojanovic

Peter Stojanovic 

As the Editor of HotTopics, Peter brings a wealth of experience in journalism to the community. He has a strong legacy of producing exceptional content and interviewing top business leaders from FTSE 100 & 250 and Fortune 500 companies.

Doug Drinkwater

Doug Drinkwater

Business technology editor, publisher and strategist with more than a decade of experience in media. Doug has worked for a number of leading B2B and B2C technology publications.


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Connect with
C-Suite leaders from

NTT Ltd.
American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Home Depot
Google Cloud
Schneider Electric
Lego Group
888 holdings
Allen & Overy
Johnson Matthey
Costa Coffee
Bank of England
Yum Brands
Persimmon Homes
Zurich Insurance

What our community says

Lee Fulmer

The opportunity to come together with other senior executives to network, collaborate and discuss the challenges, and opportunities facing industry in a non-competitive way is invaluable.

Lee Fulmer - Chairman - Bank of England

Joanna Pamphilis

Genuinely beyond impressed with the HotTopics Community! Left inspired by the C-Suite Tech Leaders I had the privilege to meet as well as energized by the opportunity to participate as a panelist.

Joanna Pamphilis - CDIO - UniCredit

Jon Buckthorp

Meeting industry peers is a must in a hyperconnected, hyperaware, hyper-focused world. HotTopics enables exactly that, a great community and I am proud to part of it.

Jon Buckthorp -  Global Field Marketing Leader - Vodafone

Danny Attias

HotTopics are true to their word when they say they deliver a completely different networking experience for the technology community.

Danny Attias - CDIO - London. Business School

Emma Roffey

Never underestimate the importance and power of networking. Being part of Hottopic's CMO community has been invaluable, resourceful and inspiring not to mention energising. I fully encourage everyone to dive in!

Emma Roffey - VP Marketing EMEAR & Global Advocacy- Cisco

Maria Pilar Varela Sepulveda

I have had the privilege of meeting professionals in the tech field around the world, such incredible people from whom I was able to exchange experiences and learn from.

Maria Pilar Varela Sepulveda - CDO - AgroGalaxy


Nuala  Kennedy-Preston

The best best best awards ever! Well done HotTopics team

Nuala  Kennedy-Preston - CDO - People's Postcode Lottery



Mandie Beitner

It was an extraordinary event! Thank you HotTopics, all of you who worked so hard to put the event on. Right on point and as usual captivating. Well done again

Mandie Beitner - CTO - Former London Stock Exchange



Jo Peterson

Massive shoutout to HotTopics and CrowdStrike for creating the Future CISO 100 AND having a gender button to show the female future CISO leaders! Just Boom, congrats all

Jo Peterson - Vice President Cloud & Security Services - Clarify360



Carolyn Kirwin

The Studio is a great event! I walked away with a lot of food for thought and have some creative ideas on how I can navigate the current technology landscape to benefit my organization, customers, and employees.

Carolyn J Kirwin - COO - Amati Orchestra Ltd



Emily Wearmouth

The Studio is a brilliant event, which avoids many of the downsides I find at other industry events. Plus of course the amazing evening activity - I won't forget that in a hurry! Thank you all for a great event.

Emily Wearmouth - Director of International Communication - Netskope



Bjorn Ovar Johansson

Thank you HotTopics for a brilliant day full of new insights, relevant (HOT!) topics and interesting people at a perfect location. Very well organised and perfectly executed. Can't wait for the next meet up

Bjorn Ovar Johansson - CIO - Fractional, Interim CIO



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