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The Olympics has long represented the pinnacle of sport. Hosted once every four years, at a major global city and broadcast to as many as three billion people worldwide, the Olympics attracts the best athletes from five continents and across a variety of different disciplines – from track and field to boxing, cycling, equestrian, golf and weightlifting. 


Yet beyond the spectacle, the Olympics has represented that poster on the wall, that north star for which would-be Olympians devote endless hours of practice. 


“...You can't be an Olympic champion on the day. You have to back it up with all of the foundation work,” said Mohamed Sbihi, the Great British rower and gold medallist, of training three times a day, four days a week, for 49 weeks a year, while speaking at The Studio this October.


“There are really tough, down days where you have to show some element of resiliency… and build yourself up to become, or aspire to become, an Olympic champion.”


It is this journey that offers similar lessons for today’s increasingly stretched business and technology leaders, who have had to show their own kind of resilience in recent years, often in the face of heightened business demands, market pressures, resource shortages and an ever-growing need to do more with less.


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Download this exclusive Studio whitepaper to explore the trends and priorities of the 150+ technology leaders who attended The Studio at Abbey Road Studios in October 2023. 


You’ll learn from Olympians and World Champion athletes on what it takes to win, and from leading global CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and CISOs on how technology leadership is changing, how they’re balancing innovation and risk with the rise of Generative AI, the difficulties with green IT and ESG - and why today’s CIO could become tomorrow’s CEO. 


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