Leader’s Corner: Namita Tiwari, Wipro

From pioneering digital marketing initiatives to navigating challenges in the marketing industry, Namita Tiwari shares her leadership story.


Uncovering hidden messages and unseen opportunities is all in a day's work for senior marketing leader Namita Tiwari, who is currently the Marketing Director at Wipro. 


With an extensive career spanning pre-sales to Director & Global Head of CIS Marketing, Namita's career journey can be encapsulated in one word: "perceptibility." This outlines her keen ability to discern opportunities, coupled with a proactive approach to seize them—an ethos that has been the cornerstone of her marketing journey.


Watch the Leader's Corner interview highlights with Namita Tiwari below:


Leader’s Corner insights with Namita Tiwari

When speaking on the inspiration behind pursuing a career in the world of marketing, Namita said: “I love brands, I love building brands, I love building campaigns, content, communications… campaign creation comes very easily to me.”


She attributed her success to a number of factors, including innovative thinking, a growth mindset, and an innate ability to discern what works and when to pivot. “I think I was made to be a marketeer. I don't think I would be doing anything else better than marketing.”


Having navigated roles in both large and small organisations such as Infosys and HCL Technologies, she emphasised the importance of assessing available opportunities. “I was lucky enough to get various opportunities. I started off in product marketing then I moved on to business marketing.”


Namita assumed her first leadership role at information technology company COFORGE, formerly known as NIIT Technologies. 


Charged with setting up their digital marketing function from scratch, Namita orchestrated a series of “amazingly successful” webinars in collaboration with IATA, boasting on average a 90 percent attendance rate.


“I am extremely proud of that particular campaign and that kind of took off my leadership role in that organisation.”


When addressing the challenges of leadership, Namita spoke of leading by example, “creating those synergies” within teams, and motivating team members by highlighting their collaborative successes. 


Her emphasis on inclusivity, particularly in the context of tight deadlines and high-pressure scenarios, reflected her commitment to fostering a positive and collaborative work culture, she feels. 


“I always make sure that I make everyone feel inclusive; I am adding to their success; I am propelling them, [and] motivating them in the right manner. And so these are a few things that I feel are important in leadership.”


How does she stay ahead of the curve in this increasingly digital marketing world? 


“When you are leading a marketing function, you should be the first one to know what can change, what is high on cost and not giving us enough value.”


For Namita, being a senior marketing leader means being adept at all times—embracing generative AI and adopting a growth-oriented perspective. “Just keep an eye on the market and make sure that as a leader you are frequently experimenting and choosing.”


For advice, Namita underscores the power of mentorship, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and embracing a continuous learning mindset. 


“Believe in sharing your knowledge, exchanging your knowledge. And just be a very keen observer of whatever is happening in the marketing world. Be the first person to bring to your boss, hey, this is a tool that's happening, let's use it.”


Namita Tiwari has emerged as a Visionary Leader with more than two decades of experience and an Unstoppable Voice on Marketing, Change and Leadership. 

To keep up on marketing trends and insights, follow Namita Tiwari on her LinkedIn & Instagram channels. To know more about her career journey, go to her website.

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