Service Visionaries Masterclass

2024 Priorities for Service Leaders


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As part of our commitment to foster a vibrant and progressive community of leaders, we're excited to invite you to our next masterclass.

Date: 5th December

Time: TBC

Location: Virtual


About the Masterclass


Join this invite-only masterclass hosted by HotTopics in partnership with IFS, exclusively for Service Visionary 100 2023 winners and nominees. Join us to watch Sarah Nicastro, Vice President of Customer Engagement at IFS and Jan Van Veen, Managing Director at moreMomentum, co-lead a fascinating and informative discussion detailing the nature of service in an increasingly digital world, the priorities for service professionals to consider for 2024, as well as best learnings to ensure all masterclass attendees continue to drive engagement trust and value through best in class service experience.


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