10 of the most innovative digital real estate platforms

Hot Topics breaks down 10 of the most innovative digital real estate platforms you can use today.

Tech has been enhancing the real estate market over the last few years.

From helping businesses find new premises, both temporary and long-term, helping students find middle term accommodation, and helping businesspeople find new houses in a hurry, there's plenty of opportunities for tech to establish itself in the real estate market.

There's also the chance for digital real estate platforms to help democratise a market that estate agents once had a monopoly over.

By creating a marketplace of sorts for buyers and sellers, digital real estate platforms might help to keep estate agents honest, commission fees down and more money in the consumer's pockets.

Much of the tech on offer seems geared towards the millennial generation, who might want to set up a business on the fly and relocate around the country regularly.

This tech native generation is an obvious target for these apps, and as time goes on, estate agents might find themselves out of business much in the same way that Uber has displaced many taxi drivers.

However you feel about the industry-disrupting tech, one thing's for sure, as long as it's legal and saves the consumer money, apps like these are here to stay.

On the list, in no particular order, are 10 of the most innovative digital real estate platforms available today.


42 Floors

Despite recently laying off nearly half its staff, 42 Floors remains a force in the B2B sector as it allows businesses to search for and lease commercial properties.

The San Francisco-based digital real estate platform offers to find businesses across the better part of America.


Appear Here

Pop-up stores are in vogue in the cultured cities of the world, and Appear Here aims to provide the space for bright ideas to thrive in.

Providing short-term loans to pop-up businesses, Appear Here can markets thousands of locations across the UK.



Catering to the thousands of renters each year who need to change property, Zumper helps movers relocate to a new house.

Having obtained nearly $15m in funding so far, expect Zumper to continue expanding their market reach in America.



Flat-club brings the peer-to-peer economy into the rental market as it allows people who need medium term rentals the option to move into an apartment safe in the knowledge that previous tenants have vetted the host.

Marketed towards students, Flat-club ‘s average tenant stays around a month, and people advertising the property can set filters for who sees their posts.



The Blippar of the real estate world, Homesnap allows users to take a photo of a house and instantly find out the relevant information about it, including price and even interior photos with some properties.

Connected to a massive database of housing information, Homesnap comes with the option to contact an estate agent if the property is for sale.



While the amount of office space has increased in America in the preceding decade, the amount of space that businesses have needed as permanent locations has gone down.

Liquidspace utilises some of this empty space to offer small businesses flexible workspaces that can be booked at short notice.


Jasons House

Jasons House allows buyers and sellers in the housing market to put their needs online and estate agents to bid for the work.

Estate agents can stand out by reducing the amount of commission that they take from the contract, saving the consumer money.



Finding the right estate agent can be a daunting process, and the satisfaction levels of there past customers isn’t always immediately available.

Initially funded by Google Ventures, Homelight aims to pair those in need of an estate agent with the highest rated estate agents in their area.



The sharing economy has the potential to revolutionise how people holiday. Instead of renting from a resort or forking out for an expensive holiday home like only a select few can, Vacatia allows holiday homeowners to easily rent out their unused properties.



StayBay is a digital real estate platform for business travellers who need to stay in a new location for more than 30 days.

The service is ideal for consultants and other workers who are frequently uprooted by their jobs and need to find a medium-term residence at short notice.

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