AI and Tomorrow's CMO

The Future of Technology and Tomorrow's CMO


From improving productivity to combatting ethical and legal constraints, the rise of Generative AI represents a double-edged sword for B2B technology CMOs.


As generative AI revolutionises B2B technology marketing, CMOs navigate a landscape of boundless possibilities and ethical dilemmas. Join industry leaders in a revealing discussion at The Studio, where they delve into the transformative impact of AI—from reshaping leadership and team dynamics to redefining marketing strategy in the ever-evolving technology landscape.


The future of technology: meet the panellists

The following speakers took part in this panel, entitled ‘the Future of Technology and Tomorrow’s CMO:



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The future of technology and tomorrow's CMO

The explosion of Generative AI technologies has caught today’s B2B technology marketing leader in something of a flux. 


On the one-hand, these technologies, built and trained on large language models, offer unprecedented opportunities to get data-driven insights, to automate manual tasks, personalise customer experiences and optimise campaigns for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.


On the other hand, Gen AI challenges marketers with ethical concerns, data privacy issues, and the need for human creativity and emotional understanding in strategies and campaign execution.


“It's like the iPhone moment. You have all the processing power sitting somewhere, which was in servers, and then you got the iPhone and life changed. That's AI,” said Ashish Babu, CMO, TCS UK and Europe, referring to ChatGPT’s explosion.


“Everyone's got the power to express themselves.”


B2B marketing technology leaders have since experimented with Generative AI, from video transcriptions and summarising content, to content creation, strategy and design – but the business may not always be ready to adapt at the same pace.


“As marketers, we like to experiment with things,” said Sakina Najme, CMO, Eye Security. “We like to be at the cutting-edge and try different things – but the business doesn't want to move along at the same speed, and doesn't like to experiment on different things.”


“The applications of these technologies are going to be really important.”


In this panel at The Studio, taking place at Abbey Road Studios in October 2023, leading B2B CMOs sit down with HotTopics Editorial and Strategy Director Doug Drinkater to discuss how the advancing pace of artificial intelligence is changing the marketing function – from leadership and the skills and attributes required in teams, through to strategy, execution and the evolution of the marketing mix.

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