2023 Technology Trends to Watch for CMOs

CMOs need to stay ahead of important technology trends to leverage them for their organisation. Discover what trends will be focused on at The Studio for marketing leaders, May 15.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, CMOs and marketing leaders are constantly seeking new ways to enhance their team's productivity and drive business growth. One way to achieve this is by keeping up with the latest technology trends. With emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning and augmented reality making their way into the mainstream, CMOs need to stay on top of these advancements to ensure they are leveraging the latest innovations to their advantage. By staying informed about the latest tech trends and experimenting with new tools, CMOs can help their teams stay ahead of the competition and achieve marketing success.

For more information on important technology trends for CMOs, discover how trends such as ChatGPT, the metaverse and the future of work can become an essential part of the executive marketing function’s arsenal. 

Explore the potential discussion points for the Marketing Studio roundtable ‘Breaking the Bubble: 2023’s Most Important Technology Trends for CMOs’, which marketing leaders will be debating at The Studio, on May 15, at Abbey Road Studios.



The ‘Breaking the Bubble: 2023’s Most Important Technology Trends for CMOs’ Marketing Studio roundtable will touch upon how ChatGPT, coupled with the right talent, can offer more efficient ways of building content strategies for businesses and organisations.

The large language model AI chatbot ChatGPT has become somewhat of a groundbreaking technology trend with potential huge benefits for marketing functions—as well as concerns. Proven to be a creative and authoritative AI chatbot, ChatGPT has been both criticised and endorsed for its uses in organisations. Members of the HotTopics marketing community have argued that AI and machine learning are needed to help organisations achieve seamless experiences and operational efficiency. 

While ChatGPT has its uses, others believe that the AI chatbot could potentially displace teams and individual roles within companies. For example, described as one of the critical elements of marketing and advertising, Copywriters and content writers are at risk of this displacement. There have been a number of cases where ChatGPT has produced pieces of writing such as press releases and social media copy along with other basic tasks.


Investing in the Metaverse

The interactive virtual world of the metaverse has reached and influenced a variety of companies and organisations around the world. The prospect of investing in the metaverse is something that many CMOs believe will provide them with opportunities to innovate in their marketing strategies and harness the full potential of emerging technologies.

The metaverse has proven to be a valuable tool for CMOs, particularly when it comes to immersive marketing. By utilising the metaverse, brands and organisations can create captivating and interactive experiences for both customers and vendors. This novel technology allows for the creation of distinctive landscapes and environments, ultimately resulting in enhanced engagement with the target audience.

In the Breaking the Bubble roundtable, one of the main trends for CMOs the speakers will discuss includes the ways in which metaverse partnerships can offer tailored digital experiences. There will also be room for discussion on how we at HotTopics have been experimenting with the metaverse using the platform Odyssey


Digital literacy

In order to understand the current and upcoming trends in marketing and technology, C-suite leaders need to be digitally literate and understand how to leverage these technologies to drive marketing success within their organisations. Making more informed decisions in order to better understand customers requires having a strategic advantage over your competitors. In most cases, this means having the digital literacy required to get that message across to the target audience. 

A few ways in which executive marketing and technology leaders refresh their digital skills and literacy is through acknowledging the skills gap, adopting a coaching mindset by better understanding the team and future-proofing current or recently acquired skills by embracing change and innovation. Maintaining this digital literacy involves a number of aspects – one of which is reverse mentoring. This is where younger members of the team teach the more experienced leaders new skills and provide them with new perspectives.

The main message here is that digital literacy is an essential skill for the trailblazing, creative executive marketeer looking to expand their organisation’s capabilities and stay ahead of the game.


What’s next for technology trends?

As shown in these roundtable debates and discussions, marketing and technology intertwine when it comes to the latest trends. CMOs who want to stay on top of marketing operations need to familiarise themselves with the latest innovative technology trends that can help them stand out from the rabble.

Whether your next investment is in an artificial intelligence chatbot with human-like responses or a virtual world that mimics your own work environment, it’s essential for CMOs to know what’s happening in the world of technology and to try and divulge how this can benefit their organisation. 

Looking to find out more about the latest technology trends for CMOs? Register to join The Studio on May 15 at Abbey Road Studios and join fellow marketing leaders from all over the world for debate, networking and trend insights.

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