Winning Business and Customer Engagement in a Noisy Industry

Winning Business and Customer Engagement in a Noisy Industry


Dive into the world of B2B technology marketing with NTT's CMO, Matt Preschern, as he unravels the complexities of winning business and driving customer engagement in an industry that never sleeps.


The life of a Chief Marketing Officer can be unforgiving, especially in the current of constant technological innovation, increasing competition, shifting market dynamics and ever-evolving buyers and buyer expectations.


This is particularly true of B2B technology CMOs, working in an industry that never sleeps, and aiming to attract buying committees that have grown as large as 15 or more stakeholders.


To discuss how to win business and drive customer engagement, NTT’s Chief Marketing Officer and Demand Generation Officer Matt Preschern sat down with HotTopics Editorial and Strategy Director Doug Drinkwater to discuss marketing’s value, how to navigate changing buyer behaviour, foster cross-departmental collaboration and - ultimately - how to improve customer attraction and retention.


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Navigating a noisy industry

Preschern, a long-time marketing executive formerly with IBM and HCL, first debated to what extent it is a ‘noisy’ industry, and said that marketing leaders must not forget the core principles of the discipline, particularly in the age of newer trends like sustainability and AI.


“I think it's been a noisy industry as long as I can remember. It's just getting a little bit noisier because we're also letting it be a little bit noisier,” he said.


“We have the sea of sameness, which means everybody's putting out very similar things that are not that differentiated. But, when you really look at the work, is it that differentiated?Is it that targeted?


“At the end of the day, the discipline of marketing has not changed. We're still supposed to be interacting with people.”


Watch this fireside chat, recorded at The Studio at Abbey Road Studios in October 2023, to discover Preschern’s views on strategic marketing leadership, the CMO’s role in driving business growth, the evolution of the MarTech stack, the influence of marketing in customer interactions and how marketing and sales can be better together.

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