Leader’s Corner: Shikha Saxena

Watch now: Interview with Shikha Saxena, Head of Marketing & Communications UK&I, Globant UK


Head of Marketing and Communications at Globant UK, Shikha Saxena talks marketing and emerging technologies in this Leader’s Corner interview.


Shikha Saxena is on a mission to get her organisation, Globant UK, the recognition it deserves. 


A professional IT services company with more than 30,000 people working around the globe, Globant has come far. Nevertheless, Saxena argued that her biggest challenge she has encountered in her journey as Head of Marketing is establishing a presence in the UK. Her mission is to get her organisation on the map.


In this exclusive Leader’s Corner interview, HotTopics sat down with Shikha Saxena to discuss her daily responsibilities and pain points as a senior marketing leader. 


Watch the Leader's Corner interview highlights with Shikha Saxena now:


Leader’s Corner insights with Shikha Saxena

For Shikha, there are several areas of focus within the company. 


“It’s quite a wide road. It’s about establishing a growth engine within Globant”


With more than 30,000 people globally across 20 countries, the challenge at hand for Globant’s UK arm is establishing brand awareness and B2B demand growth engine, or as Saxena put it, “the demand generation side of things”.


One of the main steps to increasing this awareness includes focusing on employer branding.  Attracting the right talent is a priority for Saxena and her team, ensuring that they hire the right kind of engineers, developers and consultants.


By placing a large focus on some of the messages and campaigns being run in the marketing function, Saxena believes that Globant can achieve the results they need through collaboration.


What comes next for a collaborative organisation when it comes to making a mark on the industry?


As a senior marketing leader, Saxena has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends. Where does a senior marketing leader like Saxena get her information from and how?


Often, the process of keeping up with the latest marketing industry trends involves joining professional networks, attending webinars or reading thought-leadership publications. For Saxena, this process is slightly more simplified and closer to home – this brings her to Globant University, which she described in detail.


“The Globant University is quite wide in terms of topics and the range of topics that we cover… communications and copywriting skills.” More recently, a new course was introduced about how to utilise AI within marketing.


With a range of tools and resources available to help ease her journey to establishing Globant UK, what does the future hold for Saxena? 


Over the last two years, Saxena has tried and tested a series of plans and ideas to get Globant on the UK market. Now she argued that Glovant is: “at a point where [they] understand what is working and what is not working for [them] in the UK market”.


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