Leader’s Corner: Simon Edward, former IBM

Former CMO and Vice President of IBM UK and Ireland, Simon Edward discussed his career trajectory and his hopes for the future.


Formerly the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Simon's journey is a narrative of strategic brilliance, adaptability and an unwavering commitment to the dynamic nature of his field. 


As a board director at the Southbank Business Improvement District and an ambassador for London Tech Week, Simon extends his influence beyond corporate realms, weaving his expertise into the fabric of London's business community and the broader technological ecosystem. 


Discover more about Simon Edward's career trajectory, his sources of inspiration, leadership philosophy and a glimpse into his future endeavours in this exclusive Leader’s Corner interview at The Studio.


Leader’s Corner insights with Simon Edward

Simon Edward’s career development journey can be summed up in one phrase: “a set of planned accidents”. 


He recently stepped down from his role at IBM, where he worked for over 35 years, taking on roles ranging from Marketing Manager for EMEA North to Director of Market Development & Insights.


“It's very exciting times for me and I have to say the company in terms of the brand in terms of its ethics inspired me to go and work on some of the most creative and influential projects that we've had over the last 30 years.”


The company's forward-thinking approach aligned with Simon's growth mindset, making it an exciting and fulfilling journey. “It’s certainly fast-paced but it’s exciting.”


Simon identified people as the most significant challenge in his career. 


“They often say people are the most valuable commodity that we have in a business. And I think especially when you look at marketing, it's about people and unlocking all of that they have to offer.”


Leading through organisational changes, he emphasised the importance of bringing people along and unlocking their full potential. 


“Making sure they're fully included, making sure all of their skills are tapped into, not just the creative side that we think of in marketing traditionally, but as we've moved over to a more numeric and measured marketing environment…we think about analytics and data.”


Discover more about Simon Edward’s views on AI, leadership strategies and priorities for 2024 in the full interview.

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