What is the Industrial 5G Revolution?

Industrial 5G promises much but what is it already providing early adopters now?

That is the question this debate answers as it also reconciles the roll out with edge technologies and IOT, and the benefits offered.

With Bridgid Nzekwu moderating this roundtable debate, the speakers include:

  • Gordon Hewitt, International 5G Executive, Verizon
  • Nick Reeks; IT Director, Vendor Management, Tata Steel
  • Mubarik Hussain, Director of IT, Bloom Holdings
  • Andreas Zografos, Chief Information Officer, Vous Hotels and Retreats
  • Richard Newsome, CTO, Sainsbury’s


5G Promise

The promise of 5G has captured the attention of business leaders, policy makers, and the media. But how much of that promise is likely to be realised anytime soon?

With the first true high-band 5G networks already live, we set out to gain a realistic view of how and where connectivity could be deployed and what it can enable over the next 10 years. But 5G is not appearing in isolation. A new discussion paper, Connected World: An evolution in connectivity beyond the 5G evolution (PDF–10.3MB), takes a more expansive look that ranges from fiber and satellites to Wi-Fi and short-range technologies.

Most of this value can be captured with advanced connectivity, using technologies that have been available for some time now. This raises a puzzling question: Why is so much potential still sitting on the table, and will new technologies alone be enough to realise it? This research looks at the issues holding back the market and what it will take to create momentum.

Beyond the implications for industry, connectivity also has ramifications for equity and society. Enabling more people to plug into global flows of information, communication, and services could add another $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion to GDP, over and beyond the economic value of the use cases identified in the four commercial domains highlighted in this research. Although gaps will remain, this trend could unlock greater human potential and prosperity in many developing nations.


Verizon's perspective

According to Verizon, business and technology go hand-in-hand, the 5G revolution could also play a key role in the evolution of global business. As more countries roll out 5G networks, global business opportunities could grow exponentially, leading to new possibilities in products and services with the potential for an increase in productivity as well. The modern business world has shifted a great deal in the last year, and many businesses have become more familiarised with working with technology from outside of the office. With many businesspeople learning these remote working skills, the transition to working wirelessly with other offices in other parts of the world may become less of a foreign concept and more vital to success. 5G can further facilitate global connections by providing high speeds for secure video conferences and messaging.

Public safety and business are only two of the many industries that will be affected by the 5G revolution. With higher speeds in wireless communication, opportunities for innovation will only continue to grow as we learn to utilise the power of 5G.


This Studio roundtable was created in partnership with Verizon.

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