April Marketing Meet-Up: Building a Plural Portfolio Career (as a CMO)

Career Development: Building a Plural Portfolio Career (as a CMO)

Join our Global Marketing Leaders meetup for April:

As part of our commitment to foster a vibrant and progressive community of marketing leaders, we're excited to invite you to our next virtual meet-up.

📍 Location: Virtual event
🗓 Date: Wednesday, 17th April 2024
🕛 Time: 4 PM BST
👤 The Host: Peter Stojanovic, Editor


Marketing meet-up: the rundown

Career Development: Fractional CMO, NED and Beyond; Building the plural career that's right for you.


Continuous career development in the ever-evolving marketing landscape demands a strategic mindset aligned with the shifting demands of roles such as Fractional CMO, NED, and beyond. Introducing the HotTopics marketing meetup—an innovative virtual event meticulously curated to navigate the trajectory of skills, talent, and the dynamic career landscape within the executive realm.


The event is tailor-made for visionary marketing leaders committed to advancing their careers, offering a unique opportunity to understand and leverage the skills required for roles like Fractional CMO and NED, and beyond. From mastering these positions to navigating the evolving executive landscape, this marketing meet-up promises to provide invaluable insights to those who attend.


Exclusively designed for senior executives and aspiring leaders, this virtual event is a prime networking opportunity with industry peers who share a forward-thinking approach to executive roles. Seize the moment—apply now to attend the Career Development Meet-Up and chart a definitive course for success in roles like Fractional CMO, NED, and beyond.


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