How to Win Customer Attention

How to Win Customer Attention in the Hybrid World

Discover how these leaders navigate the journey from winning customer attention to building long-lasting relationships.

If there was one group to have benefited within a post-pandemic working culture, it might be the customer. Businesses were forced to cater a range of experiences to cater for the range of government policies issued during the chaotic 24 months of Covid-19. Such experiences are difficult to retract: audiences love the choice of remote, in-person or hybrid touch-points. The time of generalised experiences for brands, B2B or otherwise, is over. 

Compounding this freedom (for B2B marketing leaders), is that customer attention itself has morphed. Social media engagement, event attendance, online webinar registrations, call times and in-person meetings now require AB testing, personalised communication and a longer run-up to ensure numbers remain high. It is a headache for marketers and a steep learning curve for sales teams, who normally thrive in field-based activities. But, as we heard during the debate, it is also an opportunity to re-learn customer habits and reorganise oneselves accordingly. 

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Winning customer attention is not the end of the story. It is the beginning. Watch the roundtable above to learn how these leaders plan on not just winning customers, but gaining their trust so their attention is well rewarded.

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