Perfecting Digital Experiences for Enterprise and B2B Customers

The enterprise digital experience is one that has evolved rapidly over the last five years. What does it look like post-pandemic?

Since the world moved online, working from home and hybrid working, the enterprise digital experience has had to change, adapt and become bespoke to numerous categories of services and businesses. 

With Brigid Nzekwu moderating this roundtable debate, the speakers include:

  • Amanda Hamilton, CIO, City & County Healthcare Group 
  • Joanna Drake, CIO, THG
  • Karl Hoods, CDIO, Beis
  • Leon Gauhman, Founder & Chief Product and Strategy, Elsewhen

Moderator Brigid Nzekwu begins the discussion by asking Amanda Hamilton to define, from her perspective, what the digital experience is.



The enterprise digital experience for B2B customers

Amanda Hamilton speaks with a successful background in healthcare, restaurant, retail, professional services and commercial sectors. Hamilton responds, “Our business is one of the largest providers of community care in the UK, B2B to us has a lot to do with integrating data and digital experiences between other healthcare providers and between local governments and between third sector companies.”

“There is no one cookie cutter approach. Each local community may have its own requirement for what that digital experience needs to be.” Hamilton continues, “Different data sets, functions and processes. It is very bespoke and very niche for us. Equally, it’s very nascent in the UK, it is a growing area with lots of innovation.” 

For Karl Hoods, the enterprise digital experience “can be anywhere from core services to the systems that people use, and all of that was founded on user requirements, journey and experience. We spend a lot of time understanding and qualifying what the real requirement is.”

Joanna Drake at THG said, “putting the customer at the heart of it, and what that customer is trying to achieve, certainly in our case...thinking about the outcome they need.”

Leon Gauhman, the co-founder, and Chief Product & Strategy Office Elsewhen, a digital product consultancy, adds, “This really resonates with me, B2B and enterprise space. Traditionally, software focuses on other values rather than the customer. There is a growing understanding that you should treat these customers the same way you treat consumer customers.”


Building blocks

The fundamental ingredients for an excellent digital experience are created from several building blocks. From Gauhman’s perspective, “The baseline is understanding what the customer needs, their jobs, and outlines the processes and technology.” 

Hamilton’s experience stems from “understanding your complexity. Address the complexity of your own processes, and then the customers on the other side of that. Big building blocks for me are customisation and understanding complexity.” 

Drake adds, “Making sure every decision about that website and experience leads back to having an impact on the customer and leads to satisfaction. A balance and a clear outcome, not reinventing the wheel.”

Gauhman circles back, specifying that “when moving from theory to practice, when you say you focus on customers, you actually have to do that.”


Pitfalls in enterprise digital experiences

Like the majority of things in life there are challenges and this is the case with technology and digital experiences. For Karl Hoods, “The user needs have to sit alongside their journey. There is very little point having a really nice front end [website] then having to move to an offline process, [mobiles/calls] it can end up quite clunky and disjointed.” 

Joanna Drake hits the nail on the head, “the customer will just go somewhere else” if the user experience isn’t harmonised with what the enterprise wants to communicate across to their customers. 

“Understanding the final outcome and using an architectural mindset to design a solution,” is a way that many digital companies and enterprises fix their pitfalls, Drake explains.


The value of the enterprise digital experience

The enterprise digital experience is valuable for ease and accessibility, for large enterprises to consumer-based businesses, Gauhman explains, “Price can be paid in not just monetary terms, it is taking the organisation on a journey of change, fixing uncomfortable things and facing the truth that you have to change to do what you say you do.”

“We tell our customers that technology isn’t an enabler, it’s a fabric that is in everything,” Gauhman explains. 

Touching on companies that are utilising the digital experience, Joanna explains “Monzo have gotten it absolutely spot on. They constantly continue to evolve, they make things so easy and visible, there is lots of control and simplification. I move away from businesses that don’t give me that ability.” 

This roundtable was created in partnership with Elsewhen.

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