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Elevate Your Leadership in Higher Education

About the Higher Education Supergroup

The Higher Education Supergroup is an elite, invite-only community for global technology leaders in the higher education sector. It's a platform where innovation meets impact, and where influential minds can share, collaborate, and redefine the future of higher education.


Who Should Join?

Are you a CIO, CTO, CDO, CDaO, CISO, or hold a similar role within higher education? If you're driving change and looking for a platform to amplify your impact, this Supergroup is for you..


What to Expect?

  • Bi-Monthly Online Gatherings: Connect with peers every two months in engaging, thought-provoking sessions.
  • Expert Moderation: Each meeting is moderated by Doug Drinkwater, ensuring focused discussions and maximum value from each session.
  • Chatham House Rule: What's discussed in the group, stays in the group. Enjoy a safe space to share freely and openly.
  • Global Networking: Engage with a diverse group of technology leaders from various higher education institutions across the globe.
  • Real-World Insights: Delve into discussions on pressing challenges, innovative initiatives, and collaborative opportunities shaping higher education.


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Embrace the opportunity to elevate your leadership and make a tangible impact.

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