How to Hire and Retain Top Talent in 2023

The key to success in business is either hiring or keeping top talent—or both. Discover the strategies to both as a C-suite leader.

In today’s highly competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent has become more challenging than ever. As the economy rebounds and technology advances companies need skilled and motivated employees to grow. C-suite leaders know that the success of the business, regardless of its size, depends on the quality of your workforce, above and beyond the technology, marketing and even products it sells, and that’s why attracting and retaining talent has become a critical business priority today.

On the other hand, the task of attracting and retaining top talent has become more arduous, owing to a reported limited pool of suitably qualified candidates, an increasingly intricate recruitment process and a growing prevalence of flexible virtual work arrangements, such as remote and hybrid working. In addition, the emergence of AI and the potential of metaverse as new frontiers has further complicated the hiring landscape.

In this article we will explore some strategies for C-suite leaders to attract and hire top talents—and retain your current talent while up-skilling existing employees in your team.


Attracting top talent


Offer competitive packages

Employers who offer competitive compensation and benefits packages are a critical factor in attracting top talent. Employers who offer attractive salaries, bonuses and benefits such as: health care, retirement plan, paid time off, flexible work, wellness programs and other incentives to candidates, also fare well. It’s not called a talent’s market for nothing. For example, Airbnb offers unlimited holiday  time and annual travel up to $2000 for its employees, which is a strong incentive for talent who value work-life balance. It is also recommended to do market research to ensure that compensation and benefits packages remain competitive within the industry. 


Develop a diverse and inclusive workplace culture

Having a positive company culture that prioritises diversity, inclusivity and open communication is essential for attracting the best talent in today's competitive job market. To ensure that your organisation stands out to top-notch job seekers, it's crucial to demonstrate your company's values and culture in your hiring process, employee policies and daily work environment. For example: Hubspot has implemented mentorship programs, employee resource groups and unconscious bias training to ensure that employees feel valued, included and supported.. 


Leverage technology

Top talents often seek out businesses that utilise the latest technology, as it demonstrates a commitment  to staying ahead of the curve and a willingness to invest in the future. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn can help recruiters connect with potential candidates, while Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can help streamline the recruitment process. Video interviews and assessment tools can help assess candidates remotely, making it easier to reach candidates who are not local. In addition, technologies such as chatbots and virtual job fairs can provide talents with a more personalised and convenient recruitment experience. 

For example, IBM uses automation tools in its recruiting process, which can surface underrepresented candidates who might otherwise be overlooked, helping the company generate a 20 percent increase in the hiring of minorities since its implementation. 


Create a strong brand

When the company highlights its culture, mission, values and benefits, the brand is then best showcased through channels including company website, social media platforms, job boards and employee referral programs. For example, when TIK TOK was hiring for its London office in 2022, the company successfully attracted top talent by showcasing its unique culture and work environment through videos, blogs and social media campaigns.


Strategies for retaining your top talent


Hyper-personalised learning and teaching

Businesses need to know how to hyper-personalise both learnability and teachability. HR can do this well in the current context by ensuring that individuals get to learn what they are best suited for and then, in turn, teach. In this context, HR can work to assess what a learner’s current skills and interests are and match them with both their individual preferences and business goals.


Workplace culture 

A positive workplace culture, characterised by close knit-teams, amicable relations with senior management and trusted relationships, holds sway. In fact, employees are willing to accept lower remuneration in order to work for a company with a supportive work environment and commendable boss. It’s often said that individuals don’t quit their jobs, but rather, they leave poor managers.


Offer opportunities to grow careers 

Empowering workers can also mean giving them chances to advance within the company. Investing in staff growth creates a learning culture that can improve productivity and commitment. It can also lead to retaining top talent by providing opportunities for growth and development, whilst giving them a chance to take on new responsibilities.


Conduct regular salary reviews

Regular salary reviews are essential to ensure that employees are being compensated fairly for their work. This can help to identify any discrepancies in pay and ensure that salaries are in line with market standards.


Actively act on feedback

As a C-suite leader, it's important to actively listen to your employees and take action based on their feedback to retain top talent. Regular surveys, focus groups and 1-1 meetings are great ways to gather feedback. It's essential to create a culture where employees feel comfortable sharing and to take their input seriously. 


Developing employees for top performance



Training programs are a highly effective investment in your employees. By showing that you’re committed to providing the resources necessary for them to excel their roles, you can boost the sense of value they feel. Effective training programs not only help employees to acquire a new skill and improve their performance, but also keep them updated with new developments in their field. This ensures they remain competitive and better prepared to handle new challenges and keep them motivated.



If you’re looking for a way to develop your employees and turn them into top performers, mentoring programs can be highly effective. A mentor can provide guidance and support to their mentee, helping them identify their strength and weakness and set clear goals for improvement. With regular feedback and guidance, mentees can learn to be more self-aware, confident and effective in their roles. And on top of that, mentoring programs can help to promote diversity in the workplace by providing opportunities for employees of different backgrounds and experience levels to connect and learn from each other.


Job rotation

Moving around the business can help employees to become top performers by giving them a range of experience and skills across different parts of the business. As a C-suite you can use job rotation to build a more resilient and adaptable workforce, ensuring the company can quickly respond to any unexpected gaps in skills or staffing. It also provides opportunities for employees to take on new challenges, which can improve retention and attract top talent.



As a leader, you know the success of your company hinges on a variety of factors. But one thing stands out among the rest: your people. And not just any people, but the top talent that you hire and retain. It is not a luxury to invest in your employees, it's a strategic imperative. Top talent drives innovation and growth by bringing fresh ideas and perspectives, while also attracting more top talent to your company. By establishing a reputation for hiring and retaining the best people, you create a virtuous cycle of attracting and retaining even more top talent.

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