C-Suite Exchange: Cloud Transformation Principles

Virtual event: Cloud Transformation Principles


The adoption of cloud technologies, far from being just an operational shift, indicates an organisation's commitment to technological transformation and innovation. Join us at the virtual HotTopics C-Suite Exchange, where senior technology leaders will explore the new opportunities cloud transformation will bring.


C-Suite Exchange event details:

📍 Location: Virtual event
🗓 Date: 24th September 2024
🕛 Time:12 - 2 PM
👥 The Hosts: Peter Stojanovic, Editor | Doug Drinkwater, Director of Strategy


In today's technology-driven landscape where remote work and the virtualisation of operational processes are becoming increasingly prevalent, organisations are now looking to cloud transformation as the key to unlock a competitive advantage. Delving into this critical area, HotTopics is inviting esteemed technology thought leaders from our community to analyse how cloud transformation principles can not only optimally shape organisational strategies but also spur innovation within the C-suite.


HotTopics aims to assemble a host of senior technology leaders to create a collaborative, virtual stage to share their unique insights and perspectives on cloud transformation within the C-suite. This interactive platform will feature dynamic exchanges, engaging polls, and provide opportunities for leaders to connect in intimate breakout sessions, fostering more genuine and thought-provoking dialogues.


Tailored for an executive audience, this HotTopics C-Suite Exchange aims to provide a dedicated space for our technology community to explore critical topics, exchange insights, learn from one another and expand their professional networks. This inclusive virtual event serves as a platform for global leaders to gain real-time insights and engage in meaningful discussions surrounding cloud transformation principles.


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