Digital Disrupters: The Industry’s Data Visionaries

We've partnered with Truata to celebrate the 100 leading data professionals globally. Here's why. 

The collaborative C-suite is central to any business transformation journey. For an organisation to remain competitive it must invest in the technologies that enable it to engage deeper with customers, keep users secure, run services more efficiently and/or help teams discover new lines of business. All of those – and more – require data. Clearly, the individual who leads the collection, analysis and actioning of data will now help lead their business.


Digital Disrupters: The Industry's Data Visionaries

Every day 250 billion terabytes of data is collected by organisations globally. That information comes from myriad sources and has the potential to be used for far more; executive boards are extremely mindful that sound data practice, management and governance are now core to their organisation’s future. They are also aware that with great potential comes great risk: data has the power to transform, but when not designed in line with privacy, it can come at great cost to their business’ reputation. A Data Visionary must therefore be both an innovator and a leader focused on trust. And these leaders must be celebrated for this delicate balance. and Truata aim to discover and showcase the top 100 leaders globally who are using data to unlock value, lead innovation and transform their organisations through privacy by design. And a role of global significance requires a global list. Governance, regulations and laws vary from country to country and provide specific challenges for Data Visionaries to navigate. Learning how one sector solves for success may inspire others across the world.


These ‘Data Visionaries’ will include individuals that have disrupted their industry or their company through the use of privacy enhanced analytics to secure growth without compromising their customer’s trust.


They may also have radically changed data analytics in terms of interpretation and extracting true business value, giving their businesses the power that comes with having information available at their fingertips allowing more time to focus on maximising the value from that data.


Finally, these Data Visionaries have established a culture of data integrity, literacy, and impact. One individual cannot drive these industry or organisation-wide changes. Everyone needs to be educated on the value of data, components of best practice and how to use data with minimal risk; this robust data culture will only be found in tomorrow’s successful businesses.


Over the coming weeks we will be accepting nominations for those data leaders you believe deserve the title Data Visionary. We can't wait to reveal the top 100 leading global data leaders, each a central figure behind their business's future.


So if you know a data visionary, nominate them today by visiting this link.



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