Leader’s Corner: Stacie Sloane, Zscaler

With an unwavering commitment to the customer experience, Stacie Sloane discusses her journey from the early days of driving customer satisfaction to the complex art of technology storytelling.


In the dynamic realm of technology marketing, Stacie Sloane emerges as a resilient and visionary leader, steering the course as the Vice President of Marketing for Zscaler.


Stacie revealed the significant challenges that she believes marketers are currently facing, emphasising the need to break through unique obstacles and market conditions. 


In this exclusive Leader’s Corner interview at The Studio, Stacie discussed her views and insights on the world of technology marketing and her passion for the customer experience.


Leader’s Corner insights with Stacie Sloane

Inspired by a love for technology and a passion for customer experience, Stacie Sloane went into detail about her core marketing philosophy.


From the early days of driving customer satisfaction to the complex world of technology storytelling, she highlights the essence of understanding why customers buy, the value they seek, and the art of ensuring their enduring loyalty. 


“When I started [in the] early days, it was about how to drive the highest level of quality satisfaction and engagement with customers. But as I got into technology and really loved technology, it was also about how do you tell that story?”


Every marketer is in the business of growth, and Stacie noted that every company is undergoing its own unique set of challenges, whether this includes navigating market conditions or  changing roadmaps.


As a leader, Stacie dismisses the pursuit of perfection in favour of a more humane approach. Care takes centre stage, and she emphasised the importance of getting to know individuals, understanding their strengths, and fostering a cohesive team environment.


In her view, the perfect marketer possesses qualities like being data-driven, result-focused, and capable of connecting the team with the overarching strategy. 


“I think it's really important as marketers that it's not just what we're doing, what we're executing, it's how we're getting there and then how we're measuring performance.”


Exploring the role of AI and machine learning in marketing, Stacie acknowledged the importance of industry experts, but also encouraged marketers to dive in, experiment, and understand how these technologies can be applied to marketing.


“Being able to use AI to take massive amounts of data and boil it down and give us more information about who to connect with, who's most interested in the technology, where are they at in their buying stage.”


Discover more about Stacie Sloane’s views and insights in the full Leader’s Corner interview.

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