C-Suite Exchange: ESG Leadership and Governance

Virtual Event: ESG Leadership and Governance


The focal point of all leaders today is shifting towards ESG, and this growing emphasis on sustainable practices is seen as the key to long-term corporate success. Join us at the virtual HotTopics C-Suite Exchange, where technology leaders  centre the conversation on ESG leadership and governance.


C-Suite Exchange event details:

📍 Location: Virtual event
🗓 Date: Wednesday, 11th December 2024
🕛 Time:12 - 2 PM
👥 The Hosts: Peter Stojanovic, Editor | Doug Drinkwater, Director of Strategy


As we approach 2024, the focus on ESG initiatives will take centre stage for technology leaders looking to enact change within their organisation. ESG thought leaders from the HotTopics community will delve into sustainable business strategies today and explore what this will look like in the future, given the pressing need for environmental conservation, social responsibility, and robust governance practices.


HotTopics is bringing together a host of technology professionals who live and breathe sustainability in business practices, along with those open to hearing new insights on the matter. While they share their views ESG leadership and governance in the C-suite, we have put in place interactive polls and breakout sessions to provide the perfect space to nurture authentic exchanges.


Tailored for an executive audience, this HotTopics C-Suite Exchange provides a dedicated space for our community to explore critical topics, exchange insights, learn from one another, and expand their professional networks. This inclusive virtual event serves as a platform for global leaders to gain real-time insights and engage in meaningful discussions surrounding ESG leadership and governance in the C-suite—charting a course for the next frontier of sustainable technological leadership. By leveraging data-driven insights and real-world examples, we remain unwaveringly committed to delivering focused, relevant, and actionable content for our professional audience, navigating the digital terrain together as trusted partners.


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