Leader’s Corner: Giles Lindsay

Watch now: Interview with Giles Lindsay, Interim CIO and Business Agility Coach, Satago


Interim CIO and Business Agility Coach, Giles Lindsay, discusses his core remit at Satago, delving into the intricacies of his agile methodology approach.


Senior technology executive, agile leader and business agility coach Giles Lindsay has more than 25 years of experience across different areas of technology. Colleagues have described him as a driven, down to earth, technical and a managerial expert; he is recognised for his leadership skills and approach in particular to agile methodology.


Discover the core remit of his role, his strategies for staying ahead in the technology industry, and his insights on talent attraction and retention.


Catch Giles Lindsay in action as he dives into his dynamic role as Interim CIO and Business Agility Coach at Satago:


Leader’s Corner insights with Giles Lindsay

In this exclusive interview, Lindsay unveils his experiences and insights, discussing the challenges of promoting technology adoption in organisations and the transformative shift from rigid management to embracing individuality among technology professionals.


The overview:

As the Interim CIO at Satago Limited, Lindsay’s mission is clear: bring innovation, change, and improved ways of working to the organisation. His role transcends traditional technology leadership, encompassing transformation across the entire organisation. While technology remains his forte, this position allows him to contribute holistically to the business.


“While technology is normally my bread and butter - I normally operate as a CTO, this role has given me a broader remit to be of help to the business as a whole.”


Staying at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies is crucial for technology leaders. Lindsay highlights the significance of attending industry events and engaging in peer networking. He emphasises the value of industry leaders sharing insights, enabling technology leaders to learn, adapt and guide their organisations. Lindsay uses the example of AI and ChatGPT, urging businesses to embrace these technologies to avoid falling behind.


“For me it’s making sure that the biggest industry players are all sharing enough about what they’re doing in the technology space so that we as tech leaders can then obviously learn from it and share with the rest of our organisations.” 


Lindsay reflects on the challenges he's faced throughout his career, particularly the task of being the voice of technology and change in organisations where technology adoption may not be readily embraced. He recounts the shift from command and control management styles to fostering creativity and individuality among technology professionals. Dress code changes are just one aspect of this evolution, demonstrating the importance of adaptability and inclusivity.


“We’re not customer facing- we don’t need this level of bureaucracy – it’s crazy. Engineers need to be themselves, they want to be able to dress how they want, look how they want.”


His personal priorities for the next year revolve around contributing to the success of his current organisation by leveraging new ways of working. He's also authoring a book, aiming to share his insights with a broader audience.

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