Leader’s Corner: Leanne Chescoe

Watch now: Interview with Leanne Chescoe, EMEA Marketing Director at Demandbase


B2B marketing and ABM specialist Leanne Chescoe talks ABM and demand generation in this Leader’s Corner interview at The Studio.


Leanne Chescoe is a B2B marketer with more than 16 years of experience across ABM, growth marketing and demand generation. In addition to her current role, Chescoe is the Network Ambassador for the Women in B2B Network, a forum for sharing business advice, tips, articles, blogs and information to support women in business.


In this Leader’s Corner interview, Chescoe goes into detail about her role and responsibilities at Demandbase, ways to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and shares her thoughts on the talent shortage.


Watch the full Leader's Corner interview with Leanne Chescoe to learn more:


Leader’s Corner insights with Leanne Chescoe 

Leanne Chescoe delves into the heart of ABM and demand generation, sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise. 


As the EMEA Marketing Director at Demandbase, her day-to-day responsibilities include shaping the demand generation strategy for the entire EMEA region. She's a driving force behind new business growth and customer expansion, collaborating with key stakeholders across various departments to ignite demand generation success in the EMEA market.


What makes Chescoe's insights truly invaluable is her unwavering dedication to ABM. She's not just a marketer; she's an advocate for ABM, helping both customers and the wider market understand how to seamlessly integrate ABM into their organisations.


“I’ve been at Demandbase for around seven years, and I really do live and breathe ABM.”


In the ever-evolving world of marketing, staying current with the latest trends is a must. Chescoe reveals her secrets for keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape. “I attend lots of industry events, be that as a sponsor or an attendee… I think it’s great to get out there and meet people and really understand what people’s challenges are”. 


She remarked that marketers are very open in terms of what strategies and methods are working, what isn’t working, what challenges they face and their ideas.


When it comes to looking for inspiration for new ideas, Chescoe takes on a proactive approach, subscribing to various industry newsletters and following marketing thought leaders on mediums such as LinkedIn. “I’m part of around three or four communities… that is really great for knowledge sharing around technologies people are using.”


Don't miss out on the full conversation with Leanne Chescoe as she delves into the world of ABM and growth marketing in this Leader's Corner interview.

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