Leader’s Corner: Sumeet Vermani

Watch now: Interview with Sumeet Vermani, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of SKV Consulting


Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of SKV Consulting, Sumeet Vermani discusses his career trajectory and key insights in this Leader’s Corner interview.


Ever wondered what it's like to be a Founder and CMO of a marketing consultancy? 


Sumeet Vermani's daily life extends far beyond conventional marketing tasks, as he works tirelessly with startups, scale-ups and established enterprises to craft innovative marketing strategies, emphasising adaptability and future-proofing. 


In this exclusive Leader’s Corner interview, we sat down with Sumeet Vermani, the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of SKV Consulting. Join us as we explore the dynamic world of marketing through his eyes.


Discover more and watch the Leader's Corner interview highlights with Sumeet Vermani below:


Leader’s Corner insights with Sumeet Vermani

In his day-to-day role, Vermani works with start-ups, scale-ups and large enterprises to help create their marketing strategies and to be “future-flexible” in that design. 


Key areas of focus in his role as CMO include liaising with Board members and senior leadership and formulating strategy and education across the marketing team. “I help them and equip them with the tools to be successful”.


“Any marketeer that says they haven’t faced a challenge hasn’t been a marketeer.” Sumeet went into further detail on the challenges he has encountered throughout his career and the ways in which he has overcome this. 


One of the biggest challenges he has faced has been justifying marketing as an appropriate use of resources and ensuring that organisations maintain a high level of “marketing IQ”. 


His advice? Don’t shut yourself off into a “silo” situation. Vermani wants marketeers to communicate with the rest of the organisation and share their results to bring both teams and customers together on this journey.


So, what are Sumeet’s priorities for the next year? “AI, AI, AI”. 


Heavily focused on AI, Vermani believed that marketing needs to go through what he defined as a “regeneration”. In his view, this involves reexamining what marketing is, how it is conducted, how it is implemented and then challenging themselves. 


He argued that marketeers should ask themselves the following questions when considering this: “Can we be closer to the customer? Can we be more insightful? Can we be more technology-driven and can we be more ROI driven using AI?”.


Don't miss the full in-depth interview with Sumeet Vermani and his further reflection on AI and the rest of the marketing function.

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