Leader’s Corner: Nick Giannakakis, MotorOil

Nick Giannakakis, the Chief Information Officer of Motor Oil Group, shares his compelling journey from a fervent physics enthusiast to a seasoned technology executive.


Armed with a background in physics and an innate desire to change the world, Nick seamlessly transitioned from solving physics equations to embracing the world of coding, discovering a newfound passion that set the stage for his transformative role within organisations. 


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Leader’s Corner insights with Nick Giannakakis 

Nick's early experiences saw a transition from physics equations to coding, igniting a new passion. 


His journey as a technology leader faced a significant challenge with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting a perfect storm as he assumed the role of CIO in an organisation undergoing transition. 


Despite these complexities, Nick turned adversity into an opportunity, driving a rapid transformation program. “It really pushed away a huge transformation program in a very short time frame.”


Describing his current leadership style, Nick highlighted the impact of navigating challenges such as the pandemic and a shift to a different geographic and organisational landscape. He emphasised the importance of continuous learning and adapting to changes in technology. 


“I'm continuing to be hungry for learning, being part of bigger things and this has characterised me and this is exactly what I'm trying to impose, I'm trying to promote here as a leader.”


Looking ahead, Nick envisions a bold future for MotorOil, with a strategic plan aligning with sustainability goals. He champions a dual focus on green transition and digital transformation, positioning the organisation as a key player in the zero-emission landscape. 


“We have a very aggressive plan in regards to 2030, our strategy around that, how we transform an organisation like ours, a very big organisation, towards sustainability.”

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