Whitepaper: Transforming Service in 2024

Strategy, Leadership and Innovation for Tomorrow’s Service Visionary


In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, the role of service has undergone significant transformation.


Service has emerged as a catalyst for growth, differentiation and innovation. C-suite leaders who recognise the intrinsic value of providing a customer-centric service, but also harness service to create new markets, will foster customer loyalty and drive vital revenue growth in an increasingly complex and competitive global environment.


Now is the time to shine a spotlight on those who they rely upon to activate these gains: Service Visionaries.


Defined by HotTopics and IFS, and identified by industry professionals and a separate judging panel, the Service Visionaries 100 are leaders innovating their service function, and personify the ongoing evolution of service from a cost centre to a profit driver and customer experience figurehead.


This whitepaper re-introduces the inaugural Service Visionaries 100 and presents their challenges and opportunities, investments and technologies, for service professionals to recognise and understand as we all look to 2024 and beyond.



Service Visionaries in conversation


Download the whitepaper:

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