How (and Why) to Be Bold in a Downturn

Explore how marketing teams navigate budget cuts and foster a resourceful and experimental mindset while embracing boldness as a key strategy for growth.


This is not our first downturn, nor will it be our last. That clarity affords us some level of composure. It also encourages us to consider what we have learned in previous negative cycles: we cannot predict the future, but we can learn from the past. 

In this In The Hot Seat session, marketing and business leaders shared the most important lesson they had learned, boldness. It may seem counterintuitive, we heard, but doubling down on customer value-add services, talent investment, R&D and product development precipitated a better than average post-slump growth.

For marketing teams this can be particularly difficult. Theirs is the first set of budgets to be slashed. Yet boldness is a mindset as well as a strategy—the CMO ought to use this time to be resourceful and experimental, keeping the wider executive team clued in as to what was, or wasn’t working. 


Marketing and business leader insights from:

  • David Keene, CMO, Europe, Wipro
  • Simonetta Rigo, Group CMO, Evelyn Partners
  • James Burstall, CEO, Argonon

Watch highlights: How (and Why) to Be Bold in a Downturn

The panellists include B2B marketing leaders, and a business owner and author, who compared and contrasted what boldness looks like, and what it means for the team and business. Discover what they had to say about this important quality in the debate.


This roundtable was recorded at The Studio. To find out more, click ‘The Studio’.


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