Leader’s Corner: James Maunder

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Strategic business technology leader and CIO James Maunder talks digital leadership and change management at The London Clinic.


Described by colleagues as a dynamic and visionary CIO and technology leader, James Maunder is equipped with more than 25 years of information technology and security experience across healthcare, publishing, FMCG, retail, and manufacturing. 


Throughout his extensive career, Maunder has taken on a wide range of senior leadership roles such as Head of IT Transformation at Twinings, Technology Director, Oxford Education at Oxford University Press and his most recent role as CIO at The London Clinic. 


Read on to discover what his career trajectory has looked like over the years, the challenges he has faced and what his list of priorities are for the future.


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Leader’s Corner insights with James Maunder

From Head of IT Transformation at Twinings to Technology Director at Oxford University Press, Maunder has donned numerous senior leadership hats. Previously serving as the CIO at The London Clinic, his journey is nothing short of inspiring. 


Maunder shouldered responsibility for the entire technology infrastructure of the hospital. Ensuring seamless technology provision for all facets of patient care and outcomes was at the core of his role. 


The London Clinic may be of medium size with 1,000 staff, ten operating theatres, and 200 beds, but its complexity is vast in his view. Maunder's team must cover a wide spectrum, from endoscopy systems to delivering new projects that enhance system performance and automation. “Whichever bit of the hospital needs technology, my team have to cover that.”


The world of healthcare technology is ever-evolving, and CIOs like James Maunder need to stay ahead of the curve. So how does he keep his finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technologies? 


Maunder’s approach is multifaceted. He and his team actively participate in events that cater to their specific interests. He believes that fostering a culture of curiosity and external engagement is the key to success. By attending events and becoming active in the broader healthcare community, they not only stay ahead but also contribute to shaping industry opinions and learn from peers. 


“I think culture is important… I try and encourage my team as I try and target my team to attend at least three or four events each year in an area of their interest”


Behind every successful technology function is a team of leaders with a history of problem-solving and risk mitigation. What challenges has Maunder experienced in his role as CIO?


Candidly discussing the challenges he faced as a CIO, Maunder explained the complexity without scale aspect that characterises The London Clinic's technology landscape. “We have some very old systems that probably will not last another five to ten years so we have to find a way of replacing them but in a very financially constrained environment.”


Rather than opting for a massive overhaul, Maunder emphasises a modular approach, breaking down systems into manageable components and aligning them with the clinic's business needs. “So we sort of take it in bite size chunks rather than trying to do it all together”.


Catch the complete interview with James Maunder as he delves into his future priorities.


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