Cybersecurity Strategies in a Dynamic Era

Whitepaper: Prioritise, Protect, Personalise: Cybersecurity Strategies in a Dynamic Era

In 2023, tech leaders from HotTopics' global community have found prioritising more challenging than ever. Amid global disruptions ranging from market volatility, evolving work structures, and climate-induced changes to AI's transformative impact, executives grapple with numerous complexities. Central to these considerations is cybersecurity, a realm that has expanded in significance and complexity.

This whitepaper addresses how the rapid changes brought about by factors like the Covid-19 pandemic and AI advancements have shifted the landscape of security. Notably, the role of the CISO has evolved; their mandate now extends beyond protection, requiring strategic prioritisation in alignment with the CIO and CEO, and a personalised approach to security tailored to an organisation's unique context.

Dive into this paper to understand these dynamics and the roadmap to effective cybersecurity in this multi-priority era in Partnership with CrowdStrike.


Food for Thought

To chart these three responsibilities, HotTopics and CrowdStike invited 12 technology leaders to a private dining room in central London to share their insights, as part of its Food for Thought series that welcomes debate over a three-course lunch. The following whitepaper distills a two-hour debate into key takeaways for fellow executives to learn, takeaway and action.


Technology leaders joining us:


  • John Spencer, Director Sales Engineering - Northern Europe, CrowdStrike
  • Alan Crawford, Director, Technoivity
  • Amitabh Apte, former Global CIO, Pet Nutrition, Mars, Incorporated
  • Christopher Adjei-Ampofo, CIO, Uphold, Inc.
  • Conor Whelan, CIO & COO, Experian
  • Darren Desmond, CISO, Automobile Association Developments
  • Georgina Owens, CTO, 888, William Hill International
  • Giles Lindsay, CIO, Satago Ltd
  • James Maunder, Former CIO, London Clinic
  • Jots Sehmbi, CIO, City, University Of London
  • Lee Fulmer, Chairman, Reporting and Data Standards Transformation Board, Bank Of England

Thank you to following for their contribution to the debate and this whitepaper:


Key takeaways: 

  1. Facing external adversaries, insider threats
  2. Engaging users in cybersecurity
  3. New (and old) rules for security leaders
  4. Looking around and ahead

Download the whitepaper and gain access to these invaluable insights

This Food for Thought C-suite lunch series was in partnership with

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