Leader’s Corner: Courtney Austin, CrowdSec

Meet Courtney Austin, CMO at cybersecurity solution and threat intelligence software company CrowdSec, “the world's fastest growing threat intelligence bubble.”


For Courtney, the key to leadership involves being a good listener—acting as the glue that binds various organisational functions together, from finance to product and sales. His philosophy centres on crafting not just a marketing plan but a comprehensive commercial strategy.


In this exclusive interview with HotTopics, Courtney unravelled the intricacies of his career development journey, shedding light on the principles that have shaped him into a marketing leader and executive.


Leader’s Corner insights with Courtney Austin

“I think the great thing about being in the marketing profession is that you act as the glue around all these other functions as well.”


Courtney Austin’s philosophy centres on crafting not just a marketing plan but a comprehensive commercial strategy, aligning all the “cogs of the wheel” for logical business development.


Drawing inspiration from the dynamic nature of marketing, he emphasised the importance of having a “sense of realism” while being optimistic. Courtney also believes in the transformative power of marketing, guiding customers on a journey and fostering long-lasting relationships.


Reflecting on his early experiences, Courtney's decision to pursue a career in marketing was influenced by the international perspective instilled in him during his school days in Australia.


“I've been lucky enough to live all over the world… for each market they have a different maturity and you know you just need to make sure you align your strategy with the maturity of each of those markets to ensure that your message is relevant.”


As a leader, Courtney identifies himself as someone who instils a positive vision within the organisation, breaking down complex frameworks into clear directives. 


“I've been lucky enough to learn from other great leaders on my journey as well. I've always been someone who's tried to look very positively and optimistically at the world.” 


His leadership style revolves around authenticity, understanding the commercial priorities of various business functions, and fostering a collaborative environment where challenges are embraced and addressed.


Discover more about the challenges Courtney has faced and his vision for 2024 in the full Leader’s Corner interview.

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