Leader’s Corner: Amitabh Apte

Watch now: Interview with Amitabh Apte, former VP Global CIO, Mars Pet Nutrition


The VP Global Chief Information Officer of Mars Pet Nutrition, Amitabh Apte, talks about digitalisation and business priorities in this exclusive leader’s corner interview.


Equipped with a successful track record in delivering people-centric business, data and technology transformations, Amitabh Apte is considered an accomplished technology leader. He has been described by colleagues as one of those “rare CTOs” who is equally proficient in understanding and influencing the business agenda as well as defining the strategic technology response.


Apte’s recent role as VP Global CIO at Mars Pet Nutrition was multifaceted. He underscores the importance of business partnership, management and architecture design in driving accountable transformations. With Mars Pet Nutrition’s expansive global services group under his purview, he ensured that these services aligned with and benefited the business.


Watch the Leaders Corner interview highlights with Amitabh Apte now:


Leader’s Corner insights with Amitabh Apte

In charge of business partnerships, management and architecture design development, Apte had a broad range of responsibilities at Mars Pet Nutrition. Working closely with the Pet Nutrition regional and global business leaders and their teams.


Staying abreast of industry trends is a challenge in itself. Amitabh provided insights into his approach to this, which included his presence at The Technology Leaders Studio. “That’s one of the reasons why I’m here in the HotTopics Studio…the simplest answer is to network and talk with people.”


He emphasised the value of networking and engaging with industry peers and practitioners. While online resources are valuable, the irreplaceable premium comes from real conversations and interactions. “You can learn a lot online these days on youtube, podcasts and so on. But, the premium value you get by talking to other practitioners and industry players. I think that [is] sort of unmatchable.”


Challenges have a way of presenting themselves in various forms, especially in the last few years, marked by global crises and disruptions. Amitabh acknowledges these challenges but remains optimistic. 


He recognises that digitalisation plays a pivotal role in addressing them. Whether it's optimising the supply chain, enhancing manufacturing processes, or reaching and understanding customers, Amitabh sees digital interventions as the key to overcoming these obstacles. “Digital lease is the key to unlock most of the challenges… and tech helps”. 


Apte shared his priorities for the coming year. Digitalisation is at the forefront, with every facet of the company, from supply chain to R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing and finance, clamouring for digitisation. His approach is rooted in listening—listening to the business, key stakeholders and regional markets where Mars has a presence. From there, his goal was to prioritise key digital interventions to drive Mars’ digital transformation.


“I think the digital is definitely going to be on the agenda, everywhere you go.”


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