Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Questions

Charting the Path Forward in a Post-Generative AI World

AI is ushering in a new era of infinite intelligence. For technology leaders, it is the opportunity of a lifetime—yet one fraught with risks. It is because of this underlying tension that HotTopics, alongside its partner Box, created the Infinite Intelligence community so that technology C-suite leaders can share best practice, learn latest developments, and together chart a path forward in this post-generative-AI world.



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  2. Redefining relationships
  3. Redefining values
  4. Redefining working structures and governance
  5. Sector-specific considerations
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Infinite Intelligence,
Infinite Questions.

Key to prioritising what we learn, when we uncover it, and how, is the Infinite Intelligence Advisory Board.


The Infinite Intelligence Advisory Board

For its first in-person meet, the Infinite Intelligence Advisory Board came together to compare AI definitions, maturity and, most importantly for future exclusive events, the key parameters that will, one, determine success with generative AI and, two, its most critical questions. Read the below to understand what the IIAB believes to be the core topics all C-suite leaders need to answer. This is a non-exhaustive list: if you believe other topics are worthy of inclusion, please add your comment below the article.

Find out more about the Infinite Intelligence community and its Advisory Board.


Redefining relationships


C-suite evolution:

How are different function leaders interpreting genAI’s potential and what do they understand about it technically and functionally? Each technology C-suite executive—CIO, CTO, CISO, CDO—will not only need to work closer together and be comfortable with role sharing and role redefining, but have closer relationships with marketing, risk, finance, HR and operations so that any AI investment makes sense for the business. 


Vendor relationships:

The nascent AI industry has many vendors offering a suite of services catering to all sorts of challenges and opportunities—both real and fictional. With an array of LLMs available, a potential redrawing of the vendor map as AI upends business practices, and increasing pressure on the C-suite to deliver profit in an inflationary environment, how can vendors evolve their relationships with customers?


The CEO conundrum:

For many, it is the CEO driving AI investments and pressure. For the technology C-suite to remain a leadership ally yet pragmatic in the face of falling into the hype cycle, what can they proactively ask, do and say? One tip from the IIAB: mark out your CEOs red lines early on.


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Redefining values


AIs true (and evolving) value:

One of the main hurdles to having sensible, sober discussions about AI in the workplace is that many do not understand its value, either personally or professionally. How can leaders effectively describe the value of AI—to the team, to the CEO, or to the Board?


AI risk vs opportunities:

One of the most important people to understand AI needs to be the CFO; the CIO and others will have to play a critical role in ensuring AI is understood beyond that of a cost-cutting enabler and more as a suite of tools to do more with more. As one AB member put it, “we are limited not by technology but by our imagination.”


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Redefining working structures and governance


Structural parameters:

Many AI conversations do need to include any mention of AI. How can executives prepare their house for a rapid, structural change in business processes? Data governance, ethical frameworks, internal politics, external politics, work hierarchies—all play a part in fostering a culture of innovation. What steps have others taken to protect these?


Future of the function:

Closer to home, the technology C-suite has an opportunity to reorganise their functions. How should it be organised? What skills do teams need? What work should be prioritised by humans? How can creativity and innovation be brought back into the workplace? 


Who owns AI:

Much like mobile 20 years ago, digital, 15, and data, 10, who owns AI for now is perhaps an obvious if pernicious question. Yet answering it quickly, with built-in room for manoeuvre bears merit: those who move the fastest, learn the fastest.


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Sector-specific considerations


Regulated industries:

It is not so simple as to put forward plans to redefine relationships, workplace structures or modes of conduct, different sectors and regions will have to adhere to its regulatory bodies and frameworks. How can one keep on top of one’s own sector’s limits? And how can the industry as a whole help regulators catch up? It is after all in our collective best interest for those who the boundaries of law and ethics the best to stay abreast.


Sector-specific MVPs:

At what point is sharing lessons learned counter-competitive rather than collaborative? As a community of leaders whose purpose is to move forward together, the question asks for a new vision of doing business, potentially.


Future of talent:

A standout topic for the IIAB is talent—who are they? What do they need? Where are they coming from? And, as a trend running parallel to AI and global demography, what are the short, medium and long term scenarios we need to prepare for?


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AI and the C-suite leader


Further education:

At least two members of the IIAB attend a post-graduate course on AI, specifically for executives. Should the community strive to partner with these types of educational initiatives, and if so, how?


Infinite Intelligence toolkit:

One of the most important outputs of the Infinite Intelligence community is the toolkit of ideas, lessons and plans HotTopics and Box are compiling as we listen to leaders at events, masterclasses and virtual meetups. How should this be shared, in what format, and what should be prioritised?


An AI standard?

The IIAB largely felt that the opaqueness of AI accountability and LLM quality is a major hurdle in understanding with whom to partner and why. Should communities like Infinite Intelligence champion industry standards in AI, such as how B Corp has transformed purpose-driven business and leadership?


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Infinite Intelligence, within the spectrum of AI evolution from narrow to general applications, envisions a future of almost-limitless knowledge, adaptability, and problem-solving capabilities. 

Comprising editorial content, events and masterclass episodes delivered by thought leaders, the Infinite Intelligence community, brought to you by HotTopics in partnership with Box, is your pathway forward to the fusion of man and machine, and a future of intelligent efficiency and transformation. 

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