Navigating Business Towards a Greener Future


Every change or aspiration for either a sustainable business growth or a sustainable business purpose starts with a great vision

The journey towards a more sustainable business framework often begins with a vision. Sustainable leadership paves the way for decisions that consider the broader implications on society and the environment. In this article, renowned technology leaders share their strategies and insights on fostering a sustainable leadership approach.

Understanding Sustainable Leadership

Starting a conversation on sustainable leadership is essential for businesses aiming to adopt responsible practices. Such leadership requires an in-depth understanding of the impact of business decisions on the environment and the wider community.


Voices from the Forefront of Sustainable Leadership

During a roundtable debate moderated by Sasha Qadri, distinguished tech leaders from various sectors delved into their strategies for sustainable leadership and their visions for the future. Participants included:

This roundtable was recorded at The Studio and made in partnership with Nutanix

How Leaders Steer Towards Sustainable Paths

Sasha Qadri prompted a discussion about how these technology leaders guide their businesses towards sustainability. Some key takeaways include:

  • Building the Bigger Picture: Danny Attias of London Business School emphasized the importance of comprehensive conversations ranging from carbon offset to domestic and procurement policies.
  • Embracing Change: Jacqui Lipinski believes that while sustainability isn’t new, articulating required changes is a challenge. She calls for a stronger emphasis on how technology can aid in sustainability transitions.
  • Setting a Strong Foundation: Adrian Samareanu stressed that initiating a sustainability culture begins with a clear vision. He remarked on the necessity of adapting to digital transformations and noted that cultural shifts don't happen overnight.


Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions: A Sustainable Leadership Concern

The debate shifted focus to the considerations of scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in sustainable leadership strategies:

  • Measuring Emissions: Steen Dalgas, from Nutanix, highlighted the challenges most organizations face, especially with scope 3 emissions stemming from the supply chain.
  • Sustainability for All: Linda Rogers and Freddie Quek both emphasized that sustainability is everyone's responsibility, not just a single department's. They urged organizations to initiate conversations and act as a part of the solution.



Sustainable leadership is the cornerstone of modern, environmentally-conscious businesses. It's not just about greening operations; it's about steering entire organisations, through informed decisions and practices, towards a future where sustainability is at the heart of all actions.

This roundtable was recorded at The Studio and made in partnership with Nutanix

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