Leader’s Corner: Sarah Needham

Watch now: Interview with Sarah Needham, Executive leadership advisor and coach, Unique-U Coaching


Executive leadership advisor and coach at Unique-U Coaching, Sarah Needham, discusses her role and the importance of diverse leadership.


Needham’s mission is clear: she works with executive and senior leaders in the technology world to help them connect with their authentic selves. As she puts it, "We're not having enough bold conversations in businesses." In her role, she guides leaders to understand who they are and what truly matters to them. Why? Because she believes that real innovation thrives in environments where individuals can be their authentic selves and engage in open, honest conversations.


Watch the interview highlights with Sarah Needham below:


Leader’s corner insights with Sarah Needham

In her role, Needham leverages technology as a catalyst for change. 


Technology has a significant role in bringing people together across industries in her view. She sees businesses starting to embrace technology in inclusive ways, creating spaces where individuals can express themselves freely. “Innovation really is thriving when you’ve got a space where people can really be themselves and people can show up and have difficult conversations about what actually matters.”


After discussing the logistics of her role at Unique-U Coaching, Needham went on to explain how she leverages leadership-technology in her role.


Needless to say, Needham is all about taking on a proactive stance on technology leadership and creating opportunities. What is her definition of good leadership?


Needham’s perspective on ‘good leadership’ is refreshingly individualistic. She emphasises that good leadership is unique to each person and begins with self-awareness. It's about connecting with the context you work in, the environment and the people.


“As a leader… we can use our skillset to be honest, to be authentic and to enable other people to step up and be the best form of themselves.”


Sarah's journey through the technology industry hasn't been without its share of challenges. 


She's experienced the unique position of being one of the few women in the room. However, she turned this challenge into an advantage, gaining visibility and recognition. She acknowledges the importance of mentors who pushed her forward but also recognises the vulnerability that can accompany career advancement.


“As a woman in technology you are often the only woman in the room. I often found through my career that being one of the only women was probably an advantage if anything. Because if I walked into a room everyone knew my name”


Needham left us with a powerful message: "All of us have got to get uncomfortable to create new solutions." In a world where innovation is paramount, embracing discomfort is the path to groundbreaking change.


Don't miss the full conversation with Sarah Needham as she unravels the secrets of diverse leadership and the role it plays in shaping the future of technology and business.


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