TechGirl: Empowering Girls in Technology Step by Step

All you need to know about the TechGirl competition in partnership with NTT Ltd.

At HotTopics we're committed to providing C-suite leaders with the right platform to connect and engage with like-minded peers. However, in 2022, we began to think about our influential female leaders and how the community can come together to support and nurture girls who want to enter the technology sector. And so, TechGirl was created.

TechGirl is a biannual competition that seeks to accelerate the imaginations, careers, skills and experiences of girls entering or considering entering the technology sector. Girls aged 16-18 years old, from across England, can submit their ideas on how technology can be used to improve schools and education.

Once the final winners have been chosen, they are invited to HotTopics’ flagship technology event, The Studio, at Abbey Road Studios, where they get to meet with their assigned mentors. Throughout the day the winners will be busy receiving exclusive confidence training from top TV presenter Bridgid Nzekwu to build on their media and confidence skills and help prepare them for any interview, public speaking or talk.


TechGirl Mentors

The TechGirl winners will be partnered with one of our inspirational competition mentors, who will be on-hand at The Studio to offer their mentees valuable career advice, future work experiences and continued support as well as to discuss their innovative entries with them. It is down to each winner how they want to work with their mentor. 

Our selection of mentors for TechGirl include: 

  • Miriam Murphy, CEO Europe, NTT Ltd
  • Jacqui Lipinski, CIO & Director of Digital and Technical Services, Royal College of Art
  • Deborah Haworth, Director of Information Security, Penguin Random House UK
  • Anna Barsby, Chief Product and Technology Officer, 888holdings
  • Marie Orpen, former CDO, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
  • Charlotte Baldwin, Global CIO, Costa Coffee
  • Christina Scott, CPTO, OVO Energy
  • Georgina Owens, CTO, William Hill International
  • Belinda Finch, CIO, Three
  • Joanna Drake, CIO, THG
  • Albi Van Zyl, Chief Sales Strategy and Operations Officer, NTT Ltd

How to enter TechGirl competition

The process to enter TechGirl is a simple one. Entrants will need to submit an idea on 'how technology can be used to improve schools and education'. Creativity and innovative thinking is key at this stage. Participants should look to identify what the existing problem is in the current system and how their idea can resolve it.

These ideas can range from creating a digital language software for classrooms to developing prototype models of hearing aids tailor-made for teenagers (these are in-fact past winning ideas).

Once you’ve put your idea on paper, head onto the HotTopics website and click on the TechGirl page–towards the end you’ll find the form where you can submit your details and upload your idea. Video and audio files are optional and always welcome should you wish to convey your original idea in an imaginative way. If you are in need of more information, read through the rules at the bottom of the page.


Don't miss the chance to be a part of this year's TechGirl competition! Enter now and fill in your details or share this opportunity with someone who deserves to be recognised. 


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