Leader’s Corner: Lisa Vecchio, Aircall

From her early experiences in planning, influencing and storytelling, Lisa Vecchio found her calling in marketing, where she fine-tuned her skills and embraced the role of a purpose-driven leader.


As the digital landscape evolves, Lisa shares her strategies for managing dispersed teams and navigating the challenges of a dynamic industry. Her global journey underscores resilience, adaptability and cultural acumen, all vital qualities that have shaped her successful career. Discover more about Lisa Vecchio’s marketing career and her advice for staying ahead of the curve, in this exclusive Leader’s Corner interview, filmed at The Studio.


Leader’s Corner insights with Lisa Vecchio

Summing up her career as “purposeful”, Lisa Vecchio explained that experience has shaped her as a marketing professional. “I'm investing that time in my leadership growth.”


Inspired by a passion for planning, influencing and storytelling, Lisa navigated her way to marketing, where her skills flourished and paved the way for her impactful career. 


“So all of that combined, I started looking at courses and I actually was brought down the path of marketing, communications, PR, and that really kick started my career.”


As a leader, she is characterised by leading by example, fostering accountability, and championing her team, with transparency, trust, and recognition forming the pillars of her leadership strategy.


In the dynamic digital landscape, Lisa addresses the challenges of managing a geographically dispersed team, advocating for diverse engagement strategies. 


“For example, in my monthly team meetings, we spend the first 15 minutes playing a game, just kind of turning our brains off and having a bit of fun, being silly, and I think that's really important as well.”


To stay ahead of the industry curve, Lisa delves into her approach, which includes voracious consumption of podcasts, extensive reading and active engagement on LinkedIn. 


“I don't think I'm someone who loves podcasts, but I actually find the time for them in my morning commute and I find it really valuable because it helps me start my day thinking, but also validating some of the things that I already, you know, have in motion.”

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