Leader’s Corner: Georgina Owens, William Hill

 “I was very much a lone female voice in a sea of male voices”. 


As a seasoned expert on digital business transformation and a Chief Technology Officer for 888 William Hill, Georgina Owens, presents a compelling narrative of forging her career path in the male-dominated technology landscape.


Follow us as we explore the career progression of Georgina Owens, Chief Technology Officer at 888 William Hill, uncovering her elusive journey in technology, gaining an understanding of her mindset as a leader, and processing the immediate challenges she encounters while bolstering gender diversity in this ever-evolving sector.


Watch the full Leader's Corner interview with Georgina Owens:


Leader’s Corner insights with Georgina Owens

After a series of life changes and constant moving around, Georgina Owens stumbled upon “this thing called computer studies.” The rest is history.


Owens' problem-solving skills quickly propelled her organisational credibility. Challenges became growth milestones, leading to expanded opportunities and successive promotions across a vast array of establishments she served. 


Putting gender diversity into perspective, Georgina Owens went on to share her experiences within this domain over the last three years.“I was very much a lone female voice in a sea of male voices.”


While admitting that the circumstances have changed, during this time she took “some pretty tough feedback”, which had a negative impact on her morale. “Whereas now… when I talk to other females in technology, I encourage them to embrace those differences.”


Finding a female CTO is a rarity in Georgina’s view. She also drew attention to the lack of female mentors in technology and leadership roles. It brings to light the alarming statistics— evidence that the female CTO community in the UK is minute at best.


While it still proves a challenge to get more women into technology, there are more commercial and non-for-profit organisations supporting and building that pipeline as well as “People who need the opportunity from a different social economic background.”

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