Whitepaper: Technology leaders at The Studio, May 2023

Technology leaders at The Studio

This May, some 54 years after the release of The Beatles' final record album, 200 digital, data and technology leaders from 11 countries gathered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios to discuss technology as a business enabler, the evolution of technology leadership, and how CIOs, CTOs and CDOs tackle challenges around data ethics, cybersecurity, sustainability and transformation in a downturn.


For many, technology has only recently made it to the top table in the boardroom—and now needs to prove it should stay there.


IT was a necessary evil,” said Andy Caddy, Group CIO at Puregym. “When I think of my time in retail and banking, IT was this difficult guardian of expensive, hard to understand contracts that were just needed. They weren’t the unlockers of value the way that they are today.”


With the Covid-19 pandemic an accelerant for technology adoption, and the digitalisation of business, CIOs and CTOs have found themselves at the cutting edge of organisation’s products and services, the experiences of its employees and customers, even shaping changes in operating model. Last year, analyst firm Gartner reported that ​​almost half of CIOs and CTOs (44%) are now leading business transformation initiatives.


The post-pandemic era has seen a broadening of CIO and CTOs remits and a growing need for technology to drive transformation while doing the day-to-day. Balance has become important, so too, adaptability.



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Successful technology leaders are able to context-shift, talk about the future, talk about cost, talk about the people agenda, think about skill, about sustainability,” said Phil Jordan, the former Group CIO at Sainsbury’s.


Natalie Whittlesey, a recruitment consultant and Director at InX, agreed, adding that technology leaders now have a broader scope.


Many people say they’re not doing tech anymore,” said Whittlesey. They’re orchestrating everyone else doing the tech, while they understand the direction of the business." 


Tech leaders have gone from the back-office to being much more about reaching new markets, bringing out new products, getting revenue through tech. They need to be 50% business leader and 50% tech leader.”


Download The Studio whitepaper to learn more about how traditional IT leadership is changing, the balancing act organisations face on data, how they’re approaching the war on technology talent and why sustainability remains a double-edged sword.


Download the whitepaper:

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