Public Sector Supergroup: Ambitions for 2024

Ambitions for 2024

An invite-only virtual event, the Public Sector Supergroup is designed with an executive technology audience in mind, offering an expansive, dedicated virtual forum for leaders and their peers to dive into this year's most pressing issues, share new and valuable insights, and grow their professional circles through networking.


Serving as a strategic digital platform, these gatherings equip global leaders with real-time insights, promote substantial discussions, and allow contributions to the continually evolving dialogue of innovation and high performance in the public sector. The event is recorded under Chatham House rules to ensure good quality, candid conversation.


Event details: 

📍 Location: Virtual event
🗓 Date: Friday, 19th January 2024
🕛 Time: 4 - 5 PM
👤 The Host: Doug Drinkwater, Director of Strategy


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Integrating seamlessly with the HotTopics community takes a new dimension with our exclusive Public Sector Supergroups.

Staying ahead of the curve in the technology industry requires more than just keeping pace—it demands collaboration, a passion for innovation and insightful leadership. Interested? Find out more about the Public Sector Supergroup, where technology leaders converge to shape the future of technology in public sector organisations globally.


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