Guide to Tapping Marketing Talent

The Definitive Guide to Tapping Marketing Talent Today

Discover the evolving landscape of talent management in marketing and gain valuable insights on shaping strategies for success in a complex environment.

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Talent is a hot topic for every C-suite executive in 2023. It isn’t just about how and where to find new talent as market forces continually rile hiring budgets, but also how workforce demands are evolving post-pandemic and how new generations change the ratio of ages in teams. Now more than ever leaders, marketers included, need to understand and manage these very qualitative of forces. 

For the former, marketing and creative teams have largely benefitted from the loosening of workplace policy. The CMOs in this roundtable noted how many team members felt empowered to work wherever and however they needed to, often with productivity gains alongside mental health improvements.  Has this trend continued? Not exactly. 

CMOs are now wrestling with tighter budgets and difficult retention decisions. Bringing teams back to the office sounds sensible, but resistance threatens team dynamic and morale. Distinct generational expectations compound this headache: Gen Z, the youngest cohort in the workforce today, demand individualism, pragmatic working hours and further benefits. Leaders are worried however that working from home will have unintended consequences to how this generation learns from their managers—if at all. And this is all before considering the range of new skills marketers will need in the future.

The uptake? Marketing teams today need to be brought together consciously and deliberately to make use of face-to-face time. Upskilling individuals will pay dividends for your best talent. Reskilling individuals is a more cost and time-effective way to reorganise teams in difficult periods, whilst also addressing variable retention rates experienced by businesses. These B2B CMOs shared their experiences here whilst also offering up thoughts for the most pressing challenges. Sometimes, it is not the answers that are most illuminating, but the questions. These will shape the strategies a business uses to move forward in a highly complex environment.

Highlights video: The Definitive Guide to Tapping Marketing Talent Today

Watch the roundtable to learn how these CMOs are tapping marketing talent today and what you can do for your business.

CMO insights from: 

This roundtable was recorded at The Studio. To find out more, click ‘The Studio’.


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