How is Technology Improving Society?

Inspiring Positive Change: How is Technology Improving Society?

Discover how these C-suite technology leaders are driving positive change and leveraging technology to improve society.

Featuring four C-suite technology leaders, this In The Hot Seat discussion reviews not just the general ways in which technology is improving society, but also the direct and meaningful solutions upon which each leader is working. 

C-suite insights from: 


At OVO Energy, Christina Scott is helping to drive a better customer experience for those still finding their feet from the energy crisis in the UK and Europe, catalysed by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. These efforts are also now being evolved to counter the cost of living crisis in the UK, too. By building out the technical infrastructure of OVO’s offering, Christina and her team are helping drive lower costs, support customers and help with the green energy transition. 


Freddie Quek’s responsibility at Times Higher Education includes building the capabilities that support the business driver better educational resources. However, in his personal capacity advocating for digital inclusion, Freddie describes how technology can help bridge the gap for students struggling with the cost of hardware and software, such as laptops and iPads. Connect the Dots brings thought leaders together in a concentrated effort to build a more inclusive industry. 


Over at The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, Gerard McGovern explains how the global business supports communities all over the world and the technological solutions within. No stranger to the nonprofit sector, Gerard is the former CIO of Guide Dogs for the Blind and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. 


And at Rabobank in the Netherlands, Soheyl Kadjani, describes the efforts the finance sector is undergoing to help customers through the banking revolution. Financial resilience is a key metric that banks and financial institutions are looking for within themselves and their customers. Technology sits at the heart of supporting both. 


Watch highlights: How is Technology Improving Society?

Watch the In The Hot Seat session to drill down into all four leaders and their efforts to improve society with technology.

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