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Amit Sharma, Global Head of Field Marketing, Demand Generation and Sponsorships at Tata Communications, discusses his career and key trends in the marketing industry.


Introducing Amit Sharma, a senior marketing leader with more than two decades of experience building and delivering successful go-to-market strategies for B2B technology businesses, leading high-performing marketing teams, driving growth and value creation through carefully curated strategic programs.


In this exclusive leader’s corner interview at The Studio, Sharma discusses his key responsibilities at Tata Communications, top tips on staying ahead of marketing trends in the industry and his take on the biggest trends in B2B marketing.


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Leader’s corner insights with Amit Sharma

What are the core responsibilities and what’s on the agenda for a senior marketing leader of Sharma’s calibre?


Responsible for all customer-focussed marketing at telecommunications company Tata Communications, on the side Sharma manages the organisation’s sponsorships and sports partnerships, including their partnerships with Formula E and the DP World Tour.


Along with a strong focus on helping companies grow their businesses and increase market shares, Sharma explained that, as a technology company, Tata Communications focuses on the B2B market. 


With these responsibilities in mind, how does Sharma stay up to date with the latest B2B marketing trends in the industry? “The only way to do that is to speak to more people, stay connected [and] stay in touch with the community,” he said.


Topics such as AI, machine learning and a variety of other digital areas are of significant importance to Tata Communications in Sharma’s view. On the other hand, he argued that there is a “learning curve for marketeers in general.”


Staying up-to-date to Sharma means encouraging his team to stay connected, speak to providers and attend industry events to engage with like-minded marketing and technology leaders. “That’s the only way to go about it.”


For Sharma, the biggest trend and opportunity for marketers today is the ability to aggregate all this information and “synthesise [these] into actionable outcomes”. The first priority for marketers, in his view, should be analysing, aggregating and automating marketing actions based on their observations.


“We get a lot of AI, we get a lot of machine learning. There are a lot of platforms but I think the challenge today is they are all doing piecemeal jobs.”


Watch the Leader’s Corner interview highlights to discover what the second biggest trend in marketing is according to Amit Sharma:


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