How to Build Your Personal Brand Using LinkedIn

TechGirl Masterclass: How to Build Your Personal Brand

HotTopics is excited to invite young women aged 16 and older who are passionate about technology and currently in education to our TechGirl Masterclass Series. This series is specially curated to inspire those eager to innovate and make their mark on the world.



Industry Leaders Share Their Expertise:


Whether you're a leader or a leader-in-Waiting'; using LinkedIn, your network and other tools to build brand and reputation, no matter where you are on your career ladder. The TechGirl LinkedIn Masterclass is an exclusive opportunity to learn, develop, and master the art of personal branding. This virtual session, featuring Yessi Bello Perez from LinkedIn will equip you with the insights and practical advice you need to create, embed and manage your personal brand.


Why watch?

  • Empower participants to build and refine their personal brand.
  • Provide strategic guidance on leveraging LinkedIn and other vital tools for advancing your professional persona, presence, and impact.
  • Offer expert insights on harnessing the power of your network to consolidate your reputation and accomplish your career objectives.

TechGirl Masterclass details:

  • Speaker: Yessi Bello Perez, Community and Editorial Segments Lead, UK and Pan Europe at Linkedin and Laura Gilbert, Chief Analyst and Director of Data Science at 10 Downing Street
  • The Hosts: Peter Stojanovic, Editor at HotTopics


Masterclass Speakers:

Yessi Bello Perez
Yessi Bello Perez, Community and Editorial Segments Lead, UK and Pan Europe at Linkedin:  With over 10 years of experience in journalism and content creation, Yessi has a strong background in technology, business, and the future of work topics. Yessi has a MA in Multimedia Journalism and a BA in Modern History and Politics. Before joining LinkedIn, Yessi was the Editor for EMEA at T Brand Studio, The New York Times' creative content arm, where she produced impactful, storytelling-focused and multi-award-winning campaigns for global brands including Birkenstock, Rolex and Audemars Piguet. Yessi also co-hosted Rising Ecosystems, a podcast for the Financial Times. Yessi has been recognised by Computer Weekly and the ITA Awards for her contributions to the technology sector.
Peter Stojanovic
Peter Stojanovic, Editor at HotTopics: As the Editor of HotTopics, Peter brings a wealth of experience in journalism to the community. He has a strong legacy of producing exceptional content and interviewing top business leaders from FTSE 100 & 250 and Fortune 500 companies leading the wider HotTopics editorial team, as well as HotTopics Advisory Boards, to keep our events and activities cutting edge thematically. His expertise in business and technology make him a valuable asset to the HotTopics community, providing insightful and informative thought leadership content to our community. Peter is committed to elevating the conversation and facilitating discussions among executives, and his skills as a moderator and interviewer make him a crucial member of the HotTopics team.



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