Leader’s Corner: Sara Mubasshir, London Business School

Sara Mubasshir, Head of Business Analysis, Experience, and Change Management at London Business School, delved into her remarkable career journey and the lessons she has learned along the way.


Born and raised in Pakistan, Sara Mubasshir’s journey traverses continents—from Canada to the United Kingdom—marking a trajectory not just through geographical landscapes but through technology and diversity.


As the Head of Business Analysis, Experience, and Change Management at London Business School, Sara's role extends far beyond the confines of a traditional technology leader. In this exclusive leader’s corner interview, she talks about her commitment to fostering a technology environment that champions both progress and humanity.


Watch the full Leader's Corner interview with Sara Mubasshir:


Leader’s Corner insights with Sara Mubasshir

Mubasshir described her career development journey as challenging, highlighting the hurdles she faced in her transition from studying computer sciences to becoming a software developer.


More often than not, cultural barriers, both within her native society and upon moving to a different country, posed significant challenges for her. Mubasshir also mentioned the instances where preconceived judgments were made based on appearances rather than qualifications. 


“Sometimes you open your mouth and people have already made up their minds about you. So the mindset is different, so you have to fight that mindset. Then finding your voice in a room full of 20 men.”


Despite these challenges, Sara expressed her love for the journey, acknowledging the positive changes brought about by the evolving landscape, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The shift towards remote work and increased flexibility has been a welcomed development, allowing individuals, especially women, to balance family and career. 


Speaking on the barriers faced by women in the workplace, from assumptions about marriage and family responsibilities to dealing with biased opinions, she highlighted the importance of having a support system, acknowledging the men who have supported her and the significance of diversity in her current team.


“So yes, you need people around you who will help you build, but there will be others who will drag you down.”

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