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Is ‘language crunching’ the new data gold mine?

Rich Wilson, CMO of Relative Insight, sits with Ruth Penfold to discuss the changing face of data analysis and why language offers unique insight.

Data is the new oil, as so many have said of late. Relative Insight think that our definition of data should be expanded out beyond just zeroes and ones, to instead include language. It has been the cornerstone of society for centuries. The Relative Insight analysis platform uniquely compares language sets in a data-driven way to surface exciting new insights from existing and new language sources. From uncovering the nuances of the language used by photographers to help Apple appeal to a wider audience, to helping brands remove gender bias in their communications; the work being done by the startup will be explained in this interview between its CMO, Rich Wilson, and Shazam’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Ruth Penfold.