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CTO of Coca-Cola predicts the 3 major enterprise trends for 2016

Whilst the technology industry takes stock of the last year, Alan Boehme thinks about 3 enterprise trends he hopes to see implemented further.

Last year, the industry was foaming at the mouth on the possible enterprise trends 2015 would bring.

They included: identity as the new security; memory as the new storage; JavaScript success; and the role of developers in this space. Unusually, however, these trends took off much faster than expected and gained a traction we’re not used to seeing.

What does 2016 have to offer then, and can it match this pace?

For that, we turned to Alan Boehme, Coca Cola’s CTO who refined his thoughts to just 3 enterprise trends to watch out for.

Firstly, he notes that the industry as a whole will “…continue moving to the cloud.”

2015 saw the merger of IaaS and PaaS, making it easier to build, test and deploy applications in the public cloud. And now all major public clouds provide both in an integrated way, and the private cloud area seems to have stalled due to a host of reasons, not excluding cost and complexity, it seems a safer route for founders.

Furthermore, if companies like GE are declaring their presence here, why not follow suit?

Boehme then went on to talk about how the industry must now think about redesigning the network and network based security.

“It’s such an important area and networking hasn’t been disrupted for over 15, 20 years now; everybody is doing the same thing and so the industry as a whole needs to look at their connections.”

The last of the 3 enterprise trends centres around the talking point for many executives and entrepreneurs: the customer.

Incrementally, the role of the customer has morphed from passive user or buyer to dictator over which products and services succeed or fail.

As such, brands in every sector are discussing their customer experiences. Coca Cola is no different.

“…we’re always looking at customer interaction now.”

The cloud, the network and the customer; 3 enterprise trends the industry must either consider or further develop, fast.