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David Pringle

Director, Pringle Media

“A former telecoms and technology correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, I provide content development, analytical and editorial services to organisations in the telecoms, media and technology sectors.
As an Associate Senior Analyst, I run STL Partners’ Internet-Driven Disruption stream, which covers Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, as well as the broader digital commerce market. Recent projects include co-authoring and editing STL Partners’ groundbreaking reports: New $50bn Disruptive Opportunities for Telcos, Banks and Technology Players, Dealing with the Disruptors, The Mobile Commerce Land-grab and Show me the (Mobile) Money.
At the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions of the Mobile World Congress, I worked for the GSMA’s Mobile World Live television service, choosing topics, identifying and inviting guests, composing questions, conducting interviews and moderating panels.
I frequently moderate discussions at major telecoms events, asking speakers probing questions, prompting lively debates and ensuring the audience has an opportunity to participate. I moderated a keynote session on mobile money at the Mobile World Congress (the biggest event in the mobile industry) in Barcelona in February 2014. Each autumn, I also moderate sessions at Rutberg & Co.’s prestigious Wireless Influencers event in California.”