The Surprising Secret to C-Suite Wellness

The Surprising Secret to C-Suite Wellness: Tips from Emma Harris

What is the secret to C-suite wellness? Industry leaders gathered at The Studio to listen to Emma Harris share her remarkable journey after a profound moment in her life changed her outlook forever.


C-suite wellness: Overview

In a world where speed is often equated with success, Emma Harris, CEO of Glow London, challenges leaders to embrace a different approach: "Slow the f*** down."


Emma, a mother of four and a seasoned business and marketing leader, understands the pressures of high-stakes environments and the relentless drive for productivity. Yet, her message on C-suite wellness is clear—slowing down can lead to better performance and greater productivity.


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Balancing personal and professional lives

Emma’s life took a dramatic turn in May 2022, a turning point that reshaped her perspective on work and life. After a whirlwind week of travelling and meetings, she suffered a cardiac arrest in a New York restaurant in SoHo.


The incident, which she survived thanks to the immediate actions of nearby doctors, forced her to reevaluate her priorities. "What the f*** have I been doing?" she recalls thinking upon waking in the ICU. The experience underscored the importance of balance and self-care, prompting her to advocate for a more mindful approach to leadership.


Following her recovery, Emma shared her story on social media, using the hashtag #slowthefuckdown. The post “broke LinkedIn,” garnering over 9 million views.


Mindfulness and stress management

The overwhelming response highlighted a common struggle among professionals: the dangerous interplay between high-stress work environments and health. Emma emphasised that making better choices, understanding the science of manifestation, and prioritising self-care are crucial steps toward sustainable success.


Emma’s message is grounded in practical advice. She encourages leaders to make decisions based on evidence rather than fear or guilt, to set clear and realistic goals, and to recognise the power of their thoughts. By focusing on what truly matters and being present in the moment, leaders can reduce stress and improve their overall well-being.


The role of self-care in leadership

Her insights draw on her background as an NLP practitioner, where she emphasised the role of the unconscious mind in shaping behaviour. By recognising and addressing the stories we tell ourselves, Emma believes we can make more informed and positive choices.


Ultimately, Emma’s story is a powerful reminder that slowing down isn't about doing less; it's about doing things better. For leaders striving to enhance their performance and productivity, embracing this counterintuitive approach could be the key to unlocking their full potential.


Implementing c-suite wellness in your organisation

As Emma puts it, "When you think you're going to die, you're not thinking about your P&L. You're thinking about your kids, your loved ones, and the people you could have left behind."


Her call to action is simple yet profound: slow the f*** down and discover a more balanced, fulfilling path to success.


The power of slowing down

Glow London collaborates with leaders to help them identify what truly drives business growth.


“We are effectively a team of former clients who help people and work with C-suite leaders to understand really what matters, to slow the f*** down and work out what actually is going to drive this business forward?”


By focusing on differentiation, especially in the crowded B2B technology sector, Emma and her team assist businesses in carving out unique positions and driving meaningful change. This approach is rooted in her extensive experience and her understanding of the power of brand differentiation.


Watch the full keynote speech for further insights on c-suite wellness and more.

Emma Harris: Keynote at The Studio

As well as leading the Slowthef*ckdown movement, Emma Harris is the Founder and Chief of Glow London, a company that works with leaders to drive growth by focusing on the things that actually matter. Whether it’s about clarity of brand or positioning, building cultural consistency or simply understanding and therefore concentrating on the levers for growth, the team at Glow will get shoulder-to-shoulder with you to create effective sustainable change. 

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