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Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet

Co-Founder, EdTech Europe
Previously EMEA Head of Strategy, Business Development and New Ventures at Time Warner, Benjamin was heading the growth and diversification initiatives of the European TV division including M&A, joint ventures, launches of new TV channels, and investment in digital media, gaming and content franchises. He previously held various managerial and corporate development pan European roles at Modern Times Group (TV, Digital Media, E commerce), Lagardere Media (Print, TV, Radio) and Omnicom BBDO (Advertising & Marketing Services), involving acquisitions, roll out and development of entrepreneurial media businesses across Europe Middle East and Africa. Together with Ibis Capital, Benjamin has founded Edxus Group, a special consolidation vehicle focused on the e-learning industry, as well as Ed Tech Europe, Europe’s leading conference for the e-learning industry.